About Framing Posters

Whether it’s vintage advertising posters, movie posters, concert posters, travel posters, or inspirational quotes, posters add a touch of personality and a curated aesthetic that contributes to the overall character and atmosphere of a room. They can reflect personal interests or hobbies allowing their owners to showcase their unique tastes and passions. They can also lend atmosphere to a themed room such as vintage movie posters in a home theater, vintage liquor ads in a bar or inspirational quotes in an office, spa or gym. Posters can also evoke nostalgia or transport viewers into different places and cultures. Beyond the image or message on the poster itself, the right frame can enhance a poster’s effect and protect it from damage.

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Should You Frame Canvas Art?

One of the most popular forms of art that our professional framing business deals with is canvas art. Canvas art is popular for many reasons. The texture of the canvas adds depth and visual interest to the artwork, creating a tactile surface. The flexibility of canvas allows for larger-scale works to create a bold statement in a room. The porous nature of canvas absorbs and reflects light differently than other surfaces, adding richness to the artwork. Canvas is durable and long-lasting. It can also provide a more timeless feel when framed in a traditional frame or a more contemporary feel when framed in a floater frame or gallery-wrapped. The feeling you are trying to convey can help you decide whether or not to frame your canvas art.

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Holiday & Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

Are you one of the many couples that got engaged over the holidays? Congratulations! What better way to preserve the memories of your engagement than holiday engagement pictures? Our Boca Raton custom framers have some holiday and winter engagement photo ideas to help you celebrate!

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Framed Anniversary Gifts

Jewelry and flowers are nice, but they can get old after a while, especially if you have been married for years. Personalized, framed photo gifts for a wedding anniversary may be the better way to go. They offer a more unique gift that can be displayed lovingly in your home. As a custom framing shop, we have many framed anniversary gift ideas to make your wedding anniversary extra special.

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Things You Can Frame in A Shadow Box

If you are looking for something beyond  traditional two-dimensional framed artwork to fill up your blank walls, a shadow box may be a good option for you. A shadow box is an enclosed display case with a glass front. You can fill a shadow box with objects at various depth levels to get your desired visual display. At our Boca Raton frame shop, we offer custom framing in South Florida and have the answer to the question, “What do I put in a shadow box?”

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Choosing the Right Custom Frame Colors

Rosenbaum Framing is a reputable family-owned business for custom art framing in South Florida. Our passionate professionals provide a range of custom framing services for fine art, wedding photographs, diplomas and professional certificates and more.

With more than 2,000 choices of framing mouldings, not to mention hundreds of matting options, they can help you narrow down your choices to create the perfect frame for your item. Some factors to consider include where the item will be displayed so that you can take into account the overall décor as well as other frame styles already present in the room. Our team can help you choose the perfect picture frame colors.

Select Custom Frame Colors & Styles to Complement the Piece

The style, size, and color of a custom frame depend on the type of item you’re framing as well as your personal preferences. Family photographs and wedding framing have different requirements than framing for fine art, diplomas, and memorabilia. Our Boca Raton framing experts share a few guidelines to help you select the perfect custom frame options.

  • Black and white photographs look great in black or white frames. The simplicity and cohesion of the color palette can help you easily create the perfect gallery wall in your home or office.
  • Modern art generally looks best in minimalistic frames so that the focus remains on the artwork, but bold frames with a large mat can offer an alternative visual effect that also looks great.
  • Older styles of art pair well with more ornate frames in gold, silver, or natural wood.
  • Children’s art projects are often vibrant and look fantastic in bright, colorful frames.
  • A degree or certificate that represents a major achievement is best displayed in a simple, timeless frame. Diploma and certificate framing options can include items such as a graduation tassel or cords and can also incorporate moulding or matting in the colors of your alma mater.
  • Sports memorabilia, like tickets from an important game or a jersey signed by your favorite player, can be framed against neutral colors that help the items stand out or with moulding or mat colors that match the team colors.

Enhance the Frame with the Right Matting

Custom matting in one or more colors can be used for a variety of effects. When choosing a mat, you should make sure that the color of the mat doesn’t overpower the item it is bordering. Mat colors should coordinate with those of the item in both color and intensity.

Color is a powerful tool that can influence mood, elicit emotions, and set the tone in a space. Different color combinations can create numerous visual effects, so choosing the perfect custom frame colors can be very rewarding.

The experienced team at our custom frame shop in South Florida will guide you through the various color options with frame moulding and mat samples until we find the combination that speaks to you.

Contact our team at Rosenbaum Framing for expert custom framing advice and learn more about the framing services we offer.

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