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Diploma & Certificate Framing

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Diploma & Certificate Framing in Boca Raton

A lot of time, money, and energy go into earning a degree or a certification. On the other end of all those sleepless nights, nonstop study sessions, and personal sacrifices is a sought-after piece of paper declaring that you’ve earned your credentials; you’ve put in the hard work, and now you deserve to celebrate. That piece of paper should not be ignored or lost in a pile of boxes. Once you finally reach your end goal, you’ll want that piece of paper showcased to its fullest potential, honoring your hard work.

A framed diploma, medal, license, or certificate is an excellent way to display and preserve some of the most important achievements of your lifetime. Rosenbaum Framing specializes in custom diploma framing and custom certificate framing in Boca Raton, Florida. Our framing design consultants can help you select the perfect moulding to match your home or office decor. With more than 400 mat options to choose from, we can even match your school or corporate colors. For even greater personalization, we can incorporate other elements into the design such as a graduation tassel, honor cords, a photo, or your company logo. Furthermore, our team can even create special, laser-cut mats with specific initials or Greek letters.

Why Frame Your Awards?

Custom framing your diploma, certificate, license, or service awards gives you the opportunity to not only acknowledge your achievement but also match its level of prestige and elegance. A custom diploma frame gives you the ability to add a personalized touch to your achievements. And for those who are looking for the perfect way to honor their loved one’s hard work and dedication: diploma and certificate framing is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can gift.

Our custom framing services in Boca Raton are perfect for honoring the following achievements:

  • High school diploma
  • College diploma
  • Professional licenses
  • Professional certificates
  • Association certificates
  • Military medals and certificates
  • Corporate awards
  • Industry awards
  • Service awards
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Personalize and Display Your Achievements

Custom diploma frames give you the ability to add a personalized touch to your credentials. With step-by-step guidance from our expert framers, you can decide every detail of your framing, down to color and size.

With diploma and certificate framing in Boca Raton, not only will you be able to showcase your major achievements and hard work, but you can guarantee they’ll be preserved and protected with the highest quality of framing materials. Rosenbaum Framing offers more than 2,000 different moulding and glass options to perfectly match your personal style and budget.

Once your handcrafted framing is complete, you can let it speak for you in your home or office as a testament to your knowledge and expertise in your industry.

Protect Those Hard-earned Accolades

Your hard-earned diploma or certificate is an acknowledgement of your expertise, and it deserves top-grade treatment. Our expert framers can guide you through our complete selection of archival matting and protective glass options to ensure that your diploma or certificate is protected from the elements and does not fade over time.

With unmatched quality and service, Rosenbaum Framing can introduce a vast array of styles and designs to add a unique touch to your certificate or degree. Call us today to get started on your custom framing.


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