framer with various frame colors, worker checking a frame, worker stretching a canvas


 Fillet for wedding framing FilletA small piece of moulding which fits inside a larger frame, typically underneath or between matting, to add a decorative accent
 floated for fine art FloatedAn artwork mounting technique in which the artwork is mounted on top of the mat
 floater frame for artworkFloater FrameA framing technique in which the artwork is held in place by an anchor on the back of the frame versus the inside edges of the frame. A gap of approximately 1/4″ to 1/2″ is left between the outer edge of the artwork and the inside edge of the frame to give the appearance that the artwork is “floating” or suspended within the frame.
 four corner offset for artworkFour-Corner OffsetAn artwork mounting technique that uses metal screws with caps in each corner of the piece to raise the artwork away from the wall
Gallery Wrap cornerGallery WrapA mounting technique for canvas artwork in which the canvas is stretched around a wooden framework in such a way that the image continues around the edges of the frame.
 Liner for framed mementosLinerA secondary frame inserted between artwork and its outer frame to add a decorative accent
 Museum Glass exampleMuseum GlassA non-reflective archival glass with ultraviolet-ray blocking properties
Security HardwareHidden metal devices on the back of a piece of artwork that lock the artwork to the wall
Small plastic strips that create space between a framed item and its glazing to prevent the item from sticking to the glass or plexi and becoming damaged.