Custom Framed Father’s Day Gifts

All great dads deserve great presents! There’s no better way to make dad smile than with a personalized Father’s Day gift that shows how much you cherish and appreciate him. One way you can let your dad know he’s the best is with any of the following Father’s Day gift ideas from Rosenbaum custom framing in South Florida.

To begin deciding on some Father’s Day gift ideas that require custom framing, you must consider your dad’s interests and his favorite hobbies.

For the Fisherman

One of our favorite and most unique gifts for the fisherman father is fishing lures in a custom shadow box frame. If you’re looking to create something unique, you can sneak into dad’s tackle box to get some ideas of beautiful fishing lures that would look nice together on canvas inside of a frame. Then find some similar ones of your own at the thrift store or online to create something totally unique and truly special.

For the Military Vet

In order to honor your father’s military service in the past, you can take advantage of custom framing for a traditional folded American flag with a photo of him in uniform. You can salute his achievements while showing him how very proud you are of him for serving his country and raising such a wonderful child!

For the Sport Nut

Authentic sports memorabilia framing is one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas. For the dad who’s passionate about sports, you can never go wrong with a sports jersey housed in custom framing. Aside from your dad’s favorite player’s jersey, you can custom-frame autographed photos, footballs, signed baseballs, trading cards, and much more!

Rosenbaum Framing is your first and last stop for all Father’s Day gift ideas that require custom framing. Although dads always love the conventional gifts like neck ties, t-shirts, watches, and beer, show him something special this year with an unconventional Father’s Day gift with beautiful custom framing. With a custom frame encasing a gift for your dad this year, this Father’s Day is likely to be an unforgettable one.

Tell Your College Story with a Framed Collage

If pictures are worth a thousand words, think of all the things that could be conveyed through a framed collage. Whether you’re telling a story all about a sequence of events or different photos of you all throughout college, you can share the story of your college years through a custom framed collage. The professionals at Rosenbaum Framing share how you can tell amazing stories with collages.

The history of collage art goes back to the 20th century, when Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso coined the term, as it became a distinctive part of modern art. Even though collages came from a different time long ago, the transformation of fragments into a whole that take on a greater meaning than the individual parts have stayed true throughout the years.

Collages can tell a complete story, and they show more than simply scrapbooking and memory-keeping. There are many ways you can make collages, and the stories you decide to portray about your college years can be abstract, or apparent. Just like your beautiful custom diploma framing, your collage is for you to look at. You can be creative as you want to be when it comes to making your collage, and you can finish off with a custom framing job by Rosenbaum Framing to make it complete.

To start your collage, sort through different magazines and photographs that you’ve taken throughout your college years to find inspiration to tell your story. If you vividly remember the times when all your friends came to your dorm room on campus and you all did your nails or played cards with the most popular reality television shows playing in the background of the common area, you can search for different photos of reality tv, nail polish, playing cards, and laughing friends in magazines. Go through the photos in your smartphone and on all your old social media profiles to find pictures that you or your friends have taken so you can print out and include them in your framed collage.

Your college stories can easily turn into art, depending on how creative you are. There are so many different images you can use to tell the story about your college years, and Rosenbaum Framing is here to seal the deal with beautiful custom framing for your finished product.

You can preserve all your memories with Rosenbaum Framing. Whether you’re searching for custom framing to frame a college, or if you’re looking for quality diploma framing, you can count on the professionals at Rosenbaum Framing. With over 40 years of experience with fine art and unique framing projects, your pieces are in good hands. Contact us today to get started on your custom framing project.

Tips for Framing Your Diploma

Congratulations, you’ve graduated! Now what to do with your diploma? You display it for the world to see, of course! What better way to display your diploma than with a beautiful, custom frame to preserve it? Rosenbaum Framing specializes in custom diploma framing, so you can display your achievements loud and proud. Below, we share some important tips to consider when it comes to framing your diploma.

  1. Avoid choosing a ready-made frame. Custom framing your diploma preserves it for the long haul. A pre-made diploma frame may not protect your document like a custom-made frame does. You don’t want your diploma to become yellow and brittle, such as an old newspaper does when it’s exposed to air, dust, and more. You want to create an environment for your diploma that will preserve it, so only museum-grade, acid-free materials should be used. A ready-made frame may not have these special qualities.
  2. The glass should protect from UV rays. UV glass blocks harmful rays and protects your diploma from fading over time. If you plan on hanging your diploma in an area that has a lot of light, you should consider UV protection glass. Museum glass is both UV-protective and anti-reflective. You’re going to want to do everything you can to protect your diploma, so it can last for a lifetime.
  3. Select the proper matting. Diplomas look their best when they’re matted. Your mat choice can be subtle, using a single mat, or you can get more complex with an inner and outer mat. Black, silver, gold, and gray are always safe color choices when choosing matting. But you can also get creative and use mats in your school colors. Another aspect of matting is the size. We suggest making the width of the mat small enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm your diploma, but large enough to add some gravitas. There are hundreds of mat options you can choose from to give your diploma the best appearance and working with professionals like those at Rosenbaum Framing can help guide you through all your options.
  4. Choose a frame that fits your style and your décor. One of the best parts about custom framing your diploma is that you get to pick out any frame moulding that catches your eye, so it can be truly unique to you. Between your frame moulding and your matting, you can pick the perfect combination of styles and colors that will fit your personality. Some diploma frames can be ornate, while others can be simple; it all depends on your taste. Whether you want something more modern or you want a wooden frame with intricate carving details, you can choose as you please.

Rosenbaum Framing specializes in custom diploma framing and framing other important documents to preserve them for a lifetime. Allow the professionals at Rosenbaum Framing to create something truly special to celebrate the wonderful achievement in your life.

Creating Memories: Unique Items to Frame

You can frame things other than photos to personalize your home décor and make it more unique. Here at Rosenbaum Framing, we’re custom framing professionals. We specialize in creating custom frames for almost anything that you can imagine. Following are five different ideas for framing unique, memorable items for optimal preservation.


Depending on which type of map you get, you can find maps that are filled with vibrant color and visual texture. If you choose to go about custom framing a map of a place that holds great significance in your life, you can make it a beautiful piece of artwork and a great focal point in your home.

Foreign Money.

You can memorialize an international vacation by custom framing and displaying your paper currency from foreign countries.

Pages of a Book or Newspaper Prints.

Putting silhouettes on top of words from book pages or newspaper prints makes a beautiful new piece of art that will look great on any wall. Get creative with your silhouettes!

Wine Corks.

If you’re a big wine connoisseur, you can treasure your best bottles of wine forever by custom framing the corks. One of our favorite ways to display wine corks is to put them in a grid formation, going from left to right, with some corks placed vertically, then some corks placed horizontally, repeating this pattern until the entire frame is filled with corks.


Hanging your jewelry within a customized frame is a stylish and practical way to see all your pieces at once. Rosenbaum Framing suggests framing a corkboard and using fancy pins to display your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Here at Rosenbaum Framing, we specialize in framing anything you wish to become a special, important focal point in your home. With our Boca Raton framing services ranging from sports memorabilia to diplomas, wedding photos and more, you will find the perfect solution for your next framing project at Rosenbaum Framing.

Framing Your Ketubah

If you’re thinking about framing your ketubah but aren’t sure of where and when to do so, you can count on the professionals at Rosenbaum Framing in Boca Raton. We specialize in unique wedding document and photo framing jobs to keep your special memories alive forever. The beauty of getting a ketubah is to display is for all your wedding guests to appreciate.


Signing Ceremony

The very first time the guests will see the ketubah is when they’re coming to sign it as witnesses. Those who are going to sign the ketubah will be able to see the beautiful details close up, which makes it that much more special.


The Wedding

At a traditional Jewish wedding, the rabbi reads the text of the ketubah for the wedding guests then the groom hands it to the bride. This is when they both accept the ketubah and their marriage. Once the ketubah is accepted, the newlyweds can display it on an easel for everyone to see. Many bring their ketubah to the reception hall where the wedding guests can see its lovely detail.


After the Ceremony

Being that the ketubah is a piece of art, custom framing is recommended. When framing your ketubah, it’s important to treat it like the beautiful work of art that it is. Having it professionally custom framed is a common way for newlyweds to display their special commitment to one another.


After Framing Your Ketubah

Rosenbaum Framing understands that the ketubah is a central part of your home. By custom framing this important part of your life, you can choose a frame to complement the artwork of the ketubah and the decor of your home. It’s important to frame your ketubah as soon as possible after the wedding to keep it dry, dirt-free and safely preserved for generations to come.

At Rosenbaum Framing, we have everything you need to create the highest quality custom framing for your wedding mementos. With our wedding framing services, we can help you preserve your memories of your special day forever.

Creative Wedding Photo Framing Ideas

Wedding Photo for Custom Framing

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Why not savor the memories with a custom framing job from the team at Rosenbaum Framing? We specialize in unique wedding photo framing jobs to keep your special memories alive forever. Our expert framers have handled hundreds of wedding framing jobs in the past. Here are some of our most creative ideas.

Use a shelf or mantel

Instead of having wedding photos spread throughout the house, dedicate a shelf in your living room or your fireplace mantel as a spot to hold your wedding memories. A few nicely framed photos can hang above the shelf with items from the wedding such as the bouquet, a framed invitation, the guest book and the groom’s boutonniere.

Frame multiple photos gallery style

If you are looking just for wall decorations, then find a wall in your house to turn into a wedding gallery. Frame a handful of pictures to go on the wall next to each other and show how beautiful your big day truly was. Choose a few different sizes of photos to add a chic, artsy feel, and use custom framing to tie everything together. Whether it’s an upstairs hallway, your living room, or next to the stairs, your home will feel just a bit homier with your wedding memories included.

Frame more than just photos

Your wedding photos are important but so are other wedding memories! Your ketubah, vows, song lyrics and wedding invitations can all be preserved with custom framing. Three-dimensional items such as your bouquet, boutonniere, veil, garter, wedding dress, champagne corks and more can be framed with shadow boxes to preserve your favorite memories from the day.

At Rosenbaum Framing, we have everything you need to create the highest quality framing for your wedding mementos. With our wedding photo framing services, you will preserve your memories of your special day forever.

Why You Should Frame Your Diploma

Diplomas and Certificate Framing

You finally graduated! Now you have this valuable piece of paper that you aren’t quite sure what to do with. Your diploma is recognition of the hard work, time, money and effort that you put into achieving your degree. Framing it can help to protect that investment. Our Rosenbaum Framing team in Boca Raton specializes in custom diploma framing and certificate framing. We can help you choose the best mat, frame and glass options and even incorporate school or graduation mementos to make your framing job unique.

You may be thinking, “Why do I even bother framing my diploma if I have nowhere to put it?” Great question! While hanging it up at your office or in your home may not be enough of a motivator for you to get your diploma framed, protecting it should be. It’s important to keep your diploma protected to keep the paper intact. With our custom framing work, your diploma will be safely separated from the glass to reduce humidity damage and other potential issues. Our expert framers can also guide you through our complete selection of archival mats and protective glass to ensure that your diploma or certificate is protected from the elements.

A diploma by itself can be boring to hang on a wall. We get it. So why not incorporate some of our custom framing options to make it a more interesting piece? Add in some of your favorite photos from graduation, school memories and friends to bring a smile to your face. Add in your tassel, cap, honor cords, or graduation program or use colored mouldings or mats in your school or Greek colors to make it a unique piece that represents you. We can even laser-cut letters and numbers, such as your school initials or graduation year, into the mat to add a special touch.

If you do get it framed, where should you put it? Regardless of how you decide to display it, the important thing is that your diploma is protected from the damage that comes from humidity, age, and light. Honor your achievements the right way! Call Rosenbaum Framing to help with your next diploma framing project!

Art Basel Miami: Framing or Reframing Your Purchased Art!


Art Basel Miami is just a few weeks away, which means leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa will showcase significant work by masters of Modern and Contemporary art from around the globe. Works of the highest quality will be on display, including paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, and films. Art Basel will take place in Miami Beach, from December 7th to the 10th.

Art Basel Miami is the perfect opportunity for art enthusiasts in South Florida to get a first look at some of the most stunning pieces in the world of art up for sale. Once you purchase a work of art, count on the most trusted South Florida framing company, Rosenbaum Framing, to handle it from there. Our team of expert framers have years of experience framing fine art of all sizes. With over 2,000 mouldings, hundreds of mat options and several choices of glass, we have all the necessary tools and expertise to get the job done right. Our goal is to ensure your artwork is carefully framed in a way that complements its beauty, and that your cherished pieces last a lifetime. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to produce all our work in-house, by a team of framing professionals who have extensive experience in framing fine art.

Once we frame or reframe your Art Basel Miami artwork, we offer delivery and installation services, as well as packing and crating services and shipping  around the world. We offer maximum protection for your artwork at a competitive price. If your home or building is not quite ready for that artwork you just couldn’t live without – we offer art storage and warehousing in South Florida to guarantee your artwork remains in a safe, secure climate-controlled facility.

Call us today to learn more about our art framing, art storage, and art shipping services in Boca Raton.


Cruise Ship Framing Services in Boca Raton



Décor on the High Seas. Cruise Ship Framing Services

Art and interior design has evolved into playing a major role in the cruise ship industry. Guests enjoy the artistic appeal and personal touch that art brings to a room. As design and appeal become important assets of perfecting the display of a ship’s artwork, proper framing becomes a necessity, and this task should be left to the professionals.

Art on cruise ships has particular framing requirements that set it apart from other types of art. The frames need to be able to protect the art, some of which is one-of-a-kind custom work, from high-humidity conditions, sunlight, and various wear-and-tear that is unique to a cruise ship environment. They also must be made to anchor securely into the walls. While all hotel-style wall art should be made to firmly anchor into surfaces to protect guest safety and dissuade theft, this requirement becomes much more important on a cruise ship, where guests can be seriously endangered if items fall off the walls during turbulent weather. Rosenbaum Framing offers cruise ship framing services that allow us to provide a stylish and protective frame for beloved works of art.

It is important that cruise ships maintain a feeling or theme throughout the vessel, one that incorporates elegance and follows the company’s unique style. Obviously, not every room has the same art; that would quickly grow boring. However, the collected art from a cruise ship will exhibit similar elements, themes, and colors. The frames used for these pieces can help unify seemingly disparate works, making the whole ship flow together seamlessly.

At Rosenbaum Framing, we have framed art for several cruise ships. With our custom cruise ship framing services in Boca Raton, we have a wide variety of frame styles to choose from to highlight various aspects of the artwork. We can help guide you to frames that work well together and with specific types of art to create a cohesive look and feel for a larger collection. We not only create custom fit frames that can be mounted securely in ships, but can also install the artwork on the ships, so that you know it is done well and handled securely. While these services are geared towards cruise ship lines, we firmly believe that no job is too big or too small and can handle art installations on pleasure boats and yachts as well.

With cruise ship framing services from Rosenbaum Framing, you can ensure the art displays within your cruise ship lend class, style, and elegance to the interior design of your cruise ship.

Call or come in for a free consultation

As South Florida’s largest picture framing business, Rosenbaum Framing has the on-site capability to handle high volume custom framing, but we never skimp on quality. Our team will work with you to design custom frames for every piece of art you wish to display. We provide invaluable recommendations that best complement your work. Call our framing experts today or stop in our Boca Raton framing center for a complementary framing design consultation. When you work one on one with our team, you’ll feel comfortable knowing your valued art is well cared for, and you’ll have a predetermined price and completion date.

Reframing & Restoring Pictures and Frames


Reframing Pictures and Frames: Giving New Life to Old Favorites

We all have our old favorites. This is as true for photographs and artwork as it is for comfortable blue jeans or well-worn shoes. However, like those comfortable blue jeans and well-worn shoes, sometimes our old favorites no longer look their best. How do we surround ourselves with the things we love, but also keep up with changing home trends? Think about the frames.

We all know what a frame is, but if you think about the other ways we use the word “frame” in conversation, you will see that we understand that how something is framed impacts how we see it. Changing the frames on your artwork or photographs works the same way; you can help control what is prominent in the artwork and also how the art interacts with other aspects of your décor through the selection of the proper frame.

One thing that often surprises people is how changing a frame can completely update a work of art. While some artwork reflects trends and techniques that were popular during a certain time, artwork really is timeless. Even art that embodies a particular era can be used in almost any decorating scheme, if it is presented properly. Frames help combine the feel of the artwork and the feel of the room, which can make a piece of art that seemed dated suddenly seem new and relevant, once more.

Reframing can also help combine photographs into a cohesive visual group. Many people have family photographs that are in their original frames. Not all frames blend well into a cohesive grouping. Reframing allow you coordinate frames, use mats to create the size displays you want, and even use color to highlight elements of the photo. In fact, the use of frame color to highlight elements of photographs is really remarkable when combined with some of the old-fashioned color techniques or sepia-tinted photos.

Rosenbaum Framing offers restoring and reframing services in Boca Raton that allow you to bring new life into your timeless favorites. Call today for reframing services in Boca. (561) 994-4422