What Color Frames Should I Get?

When it comes to picture frames and other kinds of frames, one of the most important parts of them is the colors that make up the frame. There are few things as necessary to decorating a home than choosing the pictures that decorate your walls. The color scheme that you add to the posters and photos in your home could drastically alter the feel of your home and the ambiance that it gives its residents and visitors. As experienced Florida picture framers, we understand everything about picture frames and what they add to a home. What color frames should I get? Rosenbaum Framing, one of the most experienced art framing stores/framing shops, explains in further detail below.

What Color Picture Frames Should I Get? 

To answer this question, we will need to decide what kind of effect you will want your picture frames to give your home. To illustrate, a black picture frame could create a more dramatic and formal feel. This is best for people that want a more sophisticated look in their home and if they want their rooms to feel smaller since dark colors like black have this effect on empty rooms. On the other hand, a wooden picture frame could give your home a more organic and rustic look. People that want to aim for this look are more likely to have wooden decor and even a lot of sunlight going into their home since this look complements lighter rooms more than darker and more enclosed ones. 

Choosing Picture Frame Color Based on the Decor in Your Home

Another thing that our framing business professionals would like to point out is that the other decor in the room is more likely to dictate what color your picture frames will be. To illustrate, a more modern home with modern furniture is more likely to have white or black picture frames. So, what color frames should I get? The decor inside of a home needs to be consistent throughout so that the home looks as good as possible. In fact, a well-chosen and thought-out picture frame could tie a room together exceptionally. 

What Is the Best Picture Frame Color? 

There is no correct answer to this question, as each picture frame color provides different benefits, and the best picture frame color is generally left to personal taste and preference. The best picture frame color is what best suits the aesthetic of your home and what suits your personal taste and preferences. The good news is that people that are interested in purchasing picture frames could mix and match whatever colors they see fit. 

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What color frames should I get? The answer depends on the aesthetic of your room and your decor. Rosenbaum Framing is a custom framing store in Boca Raton that is dedicated to helping our customers receive the best frames for their pictures, tickets, or sports memorabilia. We are one of the few framing businesses that is dedicated to helping our customers with all aspects of their professional photo framing needs. Our full suite of services includes: 

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