About Framing Posters

Framed vintage poster

Whether it’s vintage advertising posters, movie posters, concert posters, travel posters, or inspirational quotes, posters add a touch of personality and a curated aesthetic that contributes to the overall character and atmosphere of a room. They can reflect personal interests or hobbies allowing their owners to showcase their unique tastes and passions. They can also lend atmosphere to a themed room such as vintage movie posters in a home theater, vintage liquor ads in a bar or inspirational quotes in an office, spa or gym. Posters can also evoke nostalgia or transport viewers into different places and cultures. Beyond the image or message on the poster itself, the right frame can enhance a poster’s effect and protect it from damage.

Framing Vintage or Collectible Posters

Vintage posters are often more delicate than other kinds of posters. Posters that are older are generally more brittle and fragile, which can result in an increase of tears, creases, and crumbling. Collectible posters, such as movie posters or concert posters, which might increase in value over time, require special consideration as well. To frame a vintage or collectible poster, our framing business recommends that you follow these tips:

  • Use Acid-Free Materials: select acid-free mats, backing boards, and mounting tapes. Acid-free materials help prevent the yellowing and deterioration of the poster over time.
  • Hinge Mounting versus Dry Mounting: if you want to preserve your poster’s resale value, consider using a hinge mount (small tabs or pieces of tape) to attach the poster to the mat or backing board. If you more interested in preservation versus eventual resale, consider dry mounting (adhering the poster onto an acid-free board.) Dry mounting prevents the poster from warping or buckling inside the frame due to changes in temperature or moisture in the atmosphere as well as from slipping inside the frame, which can sometimes happen with hinge mounts.
  • Spacer or Mat: use a spacer or mat to separate the poster from the glazing to prevent it from sticking.
  • UV-Protective Glazing: If your poster will be hanging in direct sunlight, consider UV-protective glazing, such as UV-filtering acrylic or glass, to shield the poster from harmful ultraviolet light.
  • Frame Selection: Select a frame moulding that complements the style or conveys the era of the poster.
  • Get Professional Assistance: If you’re uncertain about framing your delicate vintage or collectible posters or have valuable or irreplaceable pieces, consult with a professional framer who specializes in conservation framing.

Framing Other Types of  Posters

Framing other types of posters is much easier if you are only concerned about aesthetics, not preserving value. While you still may want to use acid-free materials, a spacer or mat to prevent the poster from sticking to the glazing, and UV-protective glazing to prevent fading if your poster will be hanging in direct sunlight, you can feel confident choosing dry mounting versus hinge mounting. This will free you up to focus on selecting the perfect moulding to enhance your poster to greatest effect.

More About Rosenbaum Framing

Rosenbaum Framing is a professional art and photo framing service that ensures that our customers receive top-quality assistance and proper materials for all of their framing needs. If you are interested in using an art framing store to help you properly frame your posters or other kinds of artwork, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.