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Samples of Our Work

Custom framed jersey with team photo and medals

Hands Down a Thoughtful Valentine’s Gift

When a client wanted to surprise his wife with a thoughtful Valentine’s gift, he brought in her jersey, a team photo and medals from her days as goalie for the Brazilian National Championship Handball Team. Our team of professional  framers transformed her sports memorabilia into art. We stitched her jersey to a white backing visible through the large main window and created smaller windows for the team photo and medals.

custom framed art

A Successful Hunt for the Perfect Frame

Our client was hunting for the perfect frame for a wooden animal head she purchased on her travels in Africa. We mounted the sculpture on a Masonite board covered with fabric that matched the grain of the sculpture, then framed it with complementary wood moulding from Rosenbaum Framing’s vast selection of framing materials and mouldings.

custom-framed needlework

Made With Love, Framed with Care

Our client wanted to surprise her mother with a custom-framed afghan which was made by her grandmother over the course of a year. We can tell you how our framing professionals stitched the afghan to an acid-free matting to protect its fibers then created a shadow box using awood moulding specifically chosen to give it an old-world feel. But only the recipient of this special gift can tell you what it means to their family. Read her story.

framed tennis memorabilia

Taking Sports Memorabilia Framing to the Next Level 

Our team knows a thing or two about taking sports memorabilia displays to the next level with our numerous custom framing solutions. A foam core underlayer was used beneath two top mats to raise the certificate of authenticity, photo and other sports memorabilia to the same level as the top of the sunken tennis racket within this shadow box. Our custom framers in Boca Raton can creatively arrange all kinds of sports memorabilia to preserve your valuable sports souvenirs and take them to the next level.

custom-framed guitar on black background

A Custom Frame That Rocks

For this shadow box, our team used a white lacquer moulding to mimic the guitar’s body and finish. We also incorporated a black suede mat to help it “pop.”

Framed Super Bowl tickets on black background

Superior Treatment for Super Bowl Tickets

One of the best ways to preserve and display Super Bowl tickets is in a beautiful custom frame. Our custom framers special-ordered a silver plaque to commemorate the final score, floated the tickets on a matching silver undermat and beveled the interior window edges of the black top mat to expose its blue inner core, perfectly complementing the color of these tickets from Super Bowl LI.

Custom framed Japanese flag

Preserving the Past

A client purchased this World War II kamikaze flag at auction and wanted to make sure it was properly preserved. We used museum mounting—sewing the flag onto acid-free matboard—and spacers between the mounted flag and the glass to protect the flag from damage. The moulding and mat were chosen to complement both the flag and the décor of the room where it was ultimately hung.

Swords framed in shadow box

The Perfect Foil for a Sword Collection

For this shadow box, we used a black frame moulding and black linen mat to complement the tones in the client’s sword collection.

Framed concert tickets, posters, backstage passes and guitar picks

Full Access Framing for Rock Concert Memorabilia

In order to show a client’s collection of backstage passes, concert tickets, guitar picks, and posters in their entirety, we floated each item on a black undermat so none of their edges would be hidden by the window openings of the white top mat. We also sized the window openings so that the black undermat could serve as a border around each item to help them stand out. When music is an important part of your life, concert ticket framing can be a great way to showcase your passion.

custom framed scarf

Matching the Pattern on a Scarf

Just as a scarf can help frame your face, the perfect moulding can help frame a scarf. At Rosenbaum, we used a wood veneer moulding with hand-polished lacquer and rich, colored staining to match the waves on a client’s Hermès scarf. Rosenbaum offers a wide selection of mouldings and a team of expert frame designers to help you find a perfect match for whatever you want to frame.

Maps reframed to match new boardroom table

A World of Mouldings Leads to a Perfect Match

When our client updated their company’s boardroom, their old map frames no longer matched. We helped them choose from a world of mouldings to create new frames for their maps that perfectly matched the wood surface of their new boardroom table.

Andreas Franke photograph custom framed in green

Capturing the Spirit of the Sea

Rosenbaum Framing provides a wide selection of materials to perfectly frame fine art. Our team used a distressed wood moulding in the colors of the ocean and regular glass, with its watery sheen, to frame a client’s print of Mrs. Pawlowana by artist Andreas Franke. The resulting frame, which conveys the feeling of looking through a window into an underwater world, captures the spirit of Franke’s work with its patina of the sea.

custom framed ketubah

Enhancing a Ketubah

Following the Jewish tradition of Hiddur Mitzvah, which calls for ceremonial objects to be made as beautifully as possible, our experts used a modern but timeless blue molding and incorporated a linen mat to preserve this ketubah so it can be passed down from generation to generation.

laslo queen artwork custom framed in silver

Framing Fit for a Queen

Our creative, expert framing staff can add extra sparkle to your custom framing project, with our fine art framing services. Here we added a glittery liner to perfectly adorn the regal silver frame on Larry Laslo’s Poker Face – Queen Elizabeth II.

t-shirt framed on black background

Custom Framing Solutions That Fit to a T

Brad Dubrowsky of T.H.U.M.B by Inside Pocket Company needed a way to display his T-shirts at the 2015 Art Miami Fair. Our custom framing team framed two styles of t-shirts in four frames using a combination of black and white mouldings and matting to best display the front and back of each shirt. It was the perfect fit for our client’s needs.

fine art custom framed

Angling for the Perfect Frame?

With more than 2,000 mouldings to choose from, we can help you find the perfect frame to complement your art. We love how the texture and colors of this moulding enhance Andrew G. Moore’s Black Sea Bass.

Our full-service custom framing shop in Boca is committed to providing premium framing services to all of our clients. Whether you have fine art, a certificate or diploma commemorating an important milestone, famiy photos, sports memorabilia or family heirlooms that you would like custom framed, we can find a perfect solution for you, too. Contact our team of professional framers today!