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We are a family-owned, custom framing business serving South Florida from our framing factory outlet in Boca Raton. Owners Howard and Marvin Rosenbaum have been in the framing industry since 1979, and the high quality of our framing services reflects their passion for excellent craftsmanship and the importance of customer service.

Take advantage of our framing staff’s average 15 years of experience to provide you with the best custom framing options to meet your needs. With our services ranging from custom art framing to sports memorabilia, diplomas, wedding photos and more, you will find the perfect solution for your next framing project at Rosenbaum Framing.

Boca Raton Custom Framing

There are few items as memorable to people as their photos, artwork, and sports memorabilia. We understand that sometimes, finding the perfect frame or display could be difficult, which is why we make it a point to provide ready-to-use frames for these items. Our Florida picture framers make an effort to make these frames with whatever material or color is most attractive to you. There are a plethora of options for our customers to choose from, including the finish that these frames will have. This gives our customers a great deal of choice, which is invaluable. To learn more about our Boca Raton custom framing services, continue reading below. 

Sports Jersey Framing in South Florida

If there is one thing that many choose to sentimentally attach themselves to, it is sports. Whether this is their own playing career or that of their favorite teams, sports represent much more to people than players playing a game. Our custom framing store in South Florida is dedicated to helping people frame jerseys and other sports memorabilia with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism. Our sports jersey framing services work to display your jersey or piece of memorabilia in the best possible way, making sure to use the highest quality glass and wood designed for frames. We are one of the few art-framing stores in Florida that frame a wide variety of sports items. These include: 

  • Posters
  • Photos
  • Ticket stubs
  • Bibs
  • Baseball cards
  • Autographs
  • Scorecards
  • Golf flags
  • Programs
  • Trophies
  • Medals
  • Helmets
  • Footballs
  • Baseballs
  • Baseball bats
  • Gloves and mitts
  • Shoes
  • Stadium seats

Custom Diploma Framing

Rosenbaum Framing also assists people that want to have their academic achievements on display. We understand that a lot of hard work and dedication goes into earning a degree, and diplomas are a physical representation of this achievement. As such an important part of someone’s career, it is important to have the highest quality framing and display possible. Our Boca Raton custom framing professionals could help you decide what the best finish and color is for your specific degree. 

Custom Printing and Framing

Printing and framing are important for those that want to display a piece of art or photo in their home. A custom print and frame job makes it possible for people to explore all of the creative options available to them. Whether this is the molding or other creative options, we are here to help. 

More About Rosenbaum Framing

Our team offers professional photo framing and sports memorabilia framing. Our Boca Raton custom framing business is here to assist you with everything that you may need. Our full collection of services includes the following: 

Contact us today to discover what makes us one of the top framing shops and art framing stores available. 


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Custom Framing Help

Custom Framing

Custom framing for art, photos & memorabilia of all types and sizes. Whether it’s a valuable work of art, poster, wedding photo, ketubah, baby picture, diploma, sports jersey, autograph or a 3D object, we can frame it! We have an extensive variety of mouldings, frames, glass and mats and an expert team of professional framers to create the perfect frame.

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Commerical Framing

High-Volume Framing

Large-volume framing services for hotels, health care facilities, restaurant chains, corporations, gaming casinos, cruise ships, government and other institutional projects. Our commercial clients are assured the same personal attention, expertise and museum-quality craftsmanship as any individual who comes in our shop. Our experienced staff can also provide a full range of related services from initial consulting to final installation.

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Rosenbaum Framing Other Services

Other Services

We do so much more than just custom framing! Our team is also experienced in canvas stretching, glass and plexiglass replacement, digital printing, fine art consulting and other framing and art-related services for retail and commercial clients. Call us today to learn more!

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