How to Display Football Tickets

Whether you are a passionate NFL fan or college football is more your style, every fall means the return of football season and the opportunity to attend a few games of your favorite team. Instead of tossing those tickets when the game is over, take the time to frame them, especially if it was the game where everyone rushed the field or you got to witness the greatest comeback in your team’s history. You will be happy to look back at these memories often.

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Framing an Autographed Jersey: What You Need To Know

You waited around after the game with a black Sharpie in hand. You eagerly awaited the arrival of your favorite player and called out their name in excitement. Instead of passing you by, they actually stopped and grabbed the marker from you. A few seconds later, you had a signed jersey. Now what?

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National Save Your Photos Month

You have probably heard the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when those precious photos become lost, ruined or forgotten, those words and memories go to waste. But they do not have to! September is National Save Your Photos Month and September 28th is Save Your Photos Day. As a custom framing shop in Boca, we know just how important this holiday can be, so we are sharing some ways to save your photographs.

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