How to Decorate a New Home & Fill Up Your Walls

A new home offers a blank canvas for decorating. After unpacking the boxes and putting the furniture in place, it is time to start filling up the empty space, hanging items on the wall, and making sure that the house looks like a home. You want to make your home decor look like an interior designer it was involved, and we want to help.

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Questions to Ask Your Framer

Whether it is for fine art framing or sport memorabilia framing, you should ask your framer a few questions before you get started. At Rosenbaum Framing, we provide custom art framing in South Florida with expert framers who have years of experience in the industry. Know how to separate the experts from the amateurs by asking your framer these questions.

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Fine Art Framing Tips

When you have a painting or other valuable piece of art you love, you want to preserve its beauty while upholding the integrity of the piece. A frame can make or break the look of a piece. In fact, the right frame will only add to the artwork’s beauty. Our expert framers at our Boca Raton frame shop are no strangers to framing any piece of art. With years of experience in fine art framing as well as other areas of the visual arts, our framers can bring your piece to the next level.

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Yes! We Can Frame That

Paintings, photographs, and knickknacks galore. It is just a matter of imagination when it comes to what you can frame. Our art consultants and custom framing services can help you decide the best way to frame anything your heart desires (or just about). Family photos and fine art framing are just the beginning. With our custom art framing in South Florida, go ahead and imagine the endless possibilities because our answer is most likely yes, we can frame that! Continue reading “Yes! We Can Frame That”

How to Properly Store Your Art

As an art collector, you understand that circumstances could occur in which you have to put your art away for some time. When your beloved artwork isn’t being displayed on the walls in your home, it should be stored in the proper conditions to preserve the essence and beauty of each piece. Our specialists at Rosenbaum Art Companies know the ins and outs of art storage and how to properly store your art.

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Reframing & Restoring Pictures and Frames


Reframing Pictures and Frames: Giving New Life to Old Favorites

We all have our old favorites. This is as true for photographs and artwork as it is for comfortable blue jeans or well-worn shoes. However, like those comfortable blue jeans and well-worn shoes, sometimes our old favorites no longer look their best. How do we surround ourselves with the things we love, but also keep up with changing home trends? Think about the frames.

We all know what a frame is, but if you think about the other ways we use the word “frame” in conversation, you will see that we understand that how something is framed impacts how we see it. Changing the frames on your artwork or photographs works the same way; you can help control what is prominent in the artwork and also how the art interacts with other aspects of your décor through the selection of the proper frame.

One thing that often surprises people is how changing a frame can completely update a work of art. While some artwork reflects trends and techniques that were popular during a certain time, artwork really is timeless. Even art that embodies a particular era can be used in almost any decorating scheme, if it is presented properly. Frames help combine the feel of the artwork and the feel of the room, which can make a piece of art that seemed dated suddenly seem new and relevant, once more.

Reframing can also help combine photographs into a cohesive visual group. Many people have family photographs that are in their original frames. Not all frames blend well into a cohesive grouping. Reframing allow you coordinate frames, use mats to create the size displays you want, and even use color to highlight elements of the photo. In fact, the use of frame color to highlight elements of photographs is really remarkable when combined with some of the old-fashioned color techniques or sepia-tinted photos.

Rosenbaum Framing offers restoring and reframing services in Boca Raton that allow you to bring new life into your timeless favorites. Call today for reframing services in Boca. (561) 994-4422


Interior Designers and Decorators


Framing For Interior Designers and Decorators: How Frames Complement Design

When people think about decorating, they often think about what is in a frame, and not about the frames themselves. However, frames can play an important role in the visual presentation of any artwork, photographs, or mementos that you want to display. They can set the tone for a room. For example, dark, glossy wooden frames convey a sense of classic luxury, while distressed frames convey a look that can be rustic or nautical. It is no wonder, then, that great interior designers and decorators put as much thought into frames as they do the artwork that is in those frames.

One of the most challenging components of interior design may be helping clients determine how to incorporate elements that may not seem to go together. Selecting frames that coordinate can help bring distinct pieces of art or photographs together visually, or match the tone of a room. Frames can introduce color to wall or bring together different styles. For example, a traditional frame with an unexpected finish can help marry modern and traditional trends.

Frames can also help create texture and dimension in your design and really give you the opportunity to create art out of almost anything. They are a great way to draw your client’s personality into the design. Find out what they love and you can use frames to make those things part of their home’s interior. Even the same idea can have different meanings and connotations for different people. The professional sports enthusiast may want a favorite player’s jersey framed for a themed media room, while proud Little League parents might want to frame a child’s jersey. Incorporating the idea that frames are part of the decoration, not just the background, can help you bring personality and individuality into the décor.

Rosenbaum Framing has a team of framing designers in Boca Raton that can help you bring a fresh perspective to any room, building, or office. Call us today or stop in for a free framing consultation.



The Lost Art of Framing

Ask any art curator, gallery owner, art collector, or museum director in Coral Springs and they will tell you that framing is an art in itself. The right frame sets off the work of art, playing off its own colors, textures, and composition. Off the shelf framing might be fine for commercial art, but if you have invested in a work of fine art in Coral Springs, FL, framing is that final touch you need to protect your investment. Here are a few things to consider about fine art framing. Continue reading “The Lost Art of Framing”

Tips To Find The Best Art Framing Near Fort Lauderdale, FL

If ready-made picture frames found in regular stores aren’t the right size for your artwork or don’t fit your aesthetic, custom framing from a specialized company is a much better option. Use these tips to find the best local framing company to handle your needs:

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Reasons to Choose a Professional Framing Company

For the items you want to frame and proudly display in your home or workplace, it can be a challenge to decide where to go to frame your piece: a craft store, a photography lab or a professional framing company. Here are a few reasons why you will likely find a professional framing company to be the best place to discover perfect art frames in Boca Raton, FL.

First, a professional framing company knows the value of great presentation, especially when it comes to the treasured art or possessions you want to display. Do you need an elegant, distinguished frame for your newly acquired fine art? Or do you prefer a contemporary feel for your piece, and thus need a more minimal, less intrusive frame? A professional framing company will have more moulding options than the alternatives and a higher quality of product overall. When you have photos of key events in your life, or milestone achievements like diplomas and certificates, you truly want the best presentation you can get. The perfect frame from a professional framing company contributes seamlessly to the overall effect of your photo, art or award, creating a beautiful, completed visual.

Additionally, a professional framing company will know a thing or two about proper preservation. If you need art framed in Boca Raton, FL, and are concerned about an item that needs to be preserved, you can rest assured that a professional will inform you of the finest products available to keep your fine art or documents in museum shape. Look for companies that offer acid-free matting and glass that protects your art from harmful UV rays to achieve the highest quality protection for your piece.

Finally, a professional framing company will have the experience in handling all kinds of art and valuables and will know how to work with your items with the utmost care and precision. A professional has the expertise to offer advice or suggestions according to what will be best for the art or treasured possession that you bring to be framed. Whether it’s fine art, awards, sports jerseys or memorabilia, a professional custom framer has the resources and experience to preserve your treasured possessions with the most beautiful and long-lasting options available. Visit our website for more information on art frames in Boca Raton, FL, and to find out about the services and products we offer today.