Display Your Summer Vacation Photos

Summer is coming to a close. Labor Day is around the corner, and the kids will be going back to school soon. Although your family vacation may have already passed, you most likely have plenty of summer vacation photos to remind you of those good times. Summer vacation photo albums and vacation photo books that you physically flip through are a thing of the past. While it is tempting to just share your photos through your social media accounts, with 300 million photo uploads on Facebook in one day,1 they will quickly be forgotten, if they are even seen at all. Instead of dumping all of those photos onto Facebook and Instagram where they will inevitably get lost in digital space, we have a few ideas to help you display your summer vacation photos proudly for you and your loved ones to see for many years to come. Continue reading “Display Your Summer Vacation Photos”

How to Frame FIFA World Cup Tickets

At Rosenbaum Framing, we understand the immense pride and excitement that comes with attending the FIFA World Cup. Your tickets are not just pieces of paper; they represent cherished memories of witnessing the world’s most prestigious football tournament. Framing your FIFA World Cup tickets is the perfect way to preserve and display these valuable mementos. Our expert framers in Boca Raton provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to frame your FIFA World Cup tickets professionally, ensuring they remain protected and beautifully showcased for years to come.

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