How to Frame Your Own Art

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Whether you like to paint on the weekends or photography is your passion, your artwork is important and deserves to be put on display. You should be proud of your art, and that finished product that you worked so hard on shouldn’t collect dust in a corner or get lost in digital space.

Tips for Framing Your Own Artwork

After you have worked so hard on those drawings, paintings, or photographs, it is time to show off your hard work in your home or office. Follow these simple tips for framing your own artwork so that you can admire it every day.


Keep It Protected

The last thing you want is for moisture to get into your frame and ruin your artwork or for the sun to diminish the vibrant colors your chose. If you are framing your personal artwork and you want it to last, you should use high-quality framing materials that will protect your artwork. Look for glass that shields against UV light and use matting to keep the glass from sticking to your art.


Find A Good Spot

Before you choose a frame to hang your personal artwork, you need to find a good place to hang it. That way you can keep in mind how your artwork will fit in with the rest of the room as well as how it will look against the negative space of the wall behind it. You could decide to do a gallery wall to show off your entire personal artwork collection or hang your pieces separately in appropriate spots.


Pick the Right Frame

A frame can take away from, overwhelm, or enhance your art, so choosing the right frame for your own art is important. Look for something that complements your artwork as well as the surrounding décor in the area where you want to hang it. You also don’t want a frame that will clash with other artwork in the room. A custom picture frame can ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.


Get Someone Else’s Opinion

When you are trying to frame your own art, you may be too invested. Instead of looking at the big picture, you may be concentrating too much on the small details. To ensure that you artwork is shown off in the best way possible, ask for a professional opinion. Our picture framers in Boca can give you the expert insight you need.


At our professional framing shop, we want to help you find the perfect frame for your artwork. While the whole process can be overwhelming, we are here to walk you through it step-by-step because your artwork deserves to be put on display to its best potential.

Philip DeFrancesco

Author: Philip DeFrancesco

Philip DeFrancesco has been in the art framing business for over 40 years and has over 25 years of commercial interior design experience. His keen and experienced eye for art and design helps people find the perfect custom framing for their homes.