2021 Art Framing Trends

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3…2…1! Happy New Year! While 2020 surely took the world by storm, we hope you enter the new year happy and healthy. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over – and the art experts of Rosenbaum Framing are sure you have spent more time in your home, and looking at your walls, than ever before.

Now is a perfect time to incorporate a few of the 2021 art framing trends, and refresh your living spaces as COVID-19 quarantines and social distancing rules continue. Thankfully, there are no rules when it comes to art trends. Add your signature touch to the 2021 art framing trends and take advantage of your time at home with home improvement and interior design projects.

Art Trends for 2021

Trends come and go, but it’s exciting to try out new styles. At our Boca art framing shop, we want to help you enhance your living space with some of our favorite art trends for 2021. Make your home feel brand new with these wall art trends.


One of the biggest wall art trends for 2021 is wallpaper. Completely change the dynamic and atmosphere of each room with pops of color, patterns and more. Choose to create a feature wall in your living quarters with wallpaper that looks like a painting. Choose a unique design to create the illusion of a painted work of art.

Block Letters

Spell out a message with block letters throughout your home. Our art experts recommend Scrabble letters that spell out words that have meaning for you and your family. A few suggestions of words are home, love, happiness, and family. Be playful and add your personal touch to your walls with framed letters.

Pet Mural

Your pets have surely been happy to spend extra time with you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Go bold with a pet mural to incorporate another 2021 art framing trend. Pet portraits can be tasteful or humorous and are the perfect addition to your wall. Print a favorite picture of your furry friend on a gallery-wrapped canvas, metal or dibond for personalized wall décor. If you do not have any pets but are an avid animal lover, you can still display an animal portrait in your living space.

Dried Flowers

One of the most unique art trends for 2021 is pressed, dried flowers. Add a romantic and rustic feeling to any room, and add pops of color and cheerfulness, by carefully placing botanicals on the wall. You can frame the floral arrangement for additional protection.

Photo Collage

Photo collages have been around for decades now, but 2021 will bring a modern touch, especially as our homes continue to serve as our work spaces. Transform your home office, bedroom, or even your living room into a vision board to inspire you throughout the new year. Gather personal photos, magazine clippings and printed content and arrange them all into a wall art collage. Think back to your childhood bedroom with posters and pictures plastered on the wall. Decorate every inch of the wall with your likes, interests and inspirations.

Enlist the Art Framing Experts

There is nothing wrong with a little help from the experts. Once you create your masterpiece, our expert art framers in Boca Raton are here to help you create the perfect frame. Revamp and redesign your house with 2021 art framing trends. From our art consulting to our custom framing in Boca, your home will have the latest trends in no time.

Karen Roumay

Author: Karen Roumay

Karen is a second-generation art and framing expert who grew up in the industry. Whether you’re framing a treasured family heirloom or a valuable work of fine art, Karen can help you enhance your piece and ensure that it fits your style and decor.