Tips and Tricks to Decorate Your Home Bar

custom framing for a home bar

In this time of social distancing, why not turn your living space into one of the coolest bars in town? Home bars are great for socializing with your pod or just relaxing in your pajamas with a cold one. Build a home bar or utilize part of your kitchen counter. Regardless of the setting, it’s time to decorate your home bar to give it some atmosphere.

How to Decorate a Home Bar

Decorating your home bar doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, bar décor is meant to reflect your personality and personal taste. This is your own home bar — it can look how you want. Don’t worry if you are unsure of how to decorate a home bar. The art framing experts at Rosenbaum Framing are here to share a few home bar decorating ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


One of the best at-home bar décor ideas are shelves. They not only add more storage, they can also give more depth to an area. Install bar shelves that are sturdy enough to hold bottles. Floating shelves are an excellent option for your home bar to create the illusion that your space is much larger than it actually is. Choose between various materials like marble, glass and wood. When you decorate your home bar, don’t forget to add a stemware rack to hold all of your glasses.

Pendant Lighting

If you are searching for ways to brighten up your home bar, you might want to choose pendant lighting. For the past few years, pendant lights have become a favorite for “lightening” the mood. Hang a few pendant lights above the center of your home bar, but make sure they are high enough so your guests do not bump their heads. If you are looking to give your living space a pub atmosphere, opt for lower-wattage light bulbs and soft lights.

Wall Décor

Use your wall space to set the theme for your bar by hanging custom-framed art or even framed sports memorabilia. Why have empty space on your walls when you can add your personal touch? Add a sports theme to your at-home bar to set the tone for Sunday football, NBA games, and even the Stanley Cup. Our sports memorabilia framing services help preserve your sports souvenirs by turning them into unique works of art.

Maybe cocktail culture is more your style. You can decorate your home bar with art featuring Audrey Hepburn, Sean Connery or other celebrities from the era when cocktail parties reigned supreme. A music theme with framed musical instruments or art featuring musicians is another possibility. Or create an atmosphere the resembles another country or city with framed travel photos or art.

The art consultants in our RFA Decor division can help you find art to fit your theme and even help create custom art for you. Choose to add wall décor to your home bar that conveys your signature taste.

The At-Home Bar Décor Experts

To decorate your home bar to match your signature style, keep in mind our home bar ideas when planning out your project. Get your creative juices flowing and start choosing décor for your home bar. If you need further assistance with your upcoming project, please contact the art and framing experts at Rosenbaum Framing.





Philip DeFrancesco

Author: Philip DeFrancesco

Philip DeFrancesco has been in the art framing business for over 40 years and has over 25 years of commercial interior design experience. His keen and experienced eye for art and design helps people find the perfect custom framing for their homes.