Picture Frame Ideas to Elevate Your Decor

custom framed photos on gallery wall

When it comes to decorating your home, you should include picture frames in your plan. You’ll want to ensure that the frames suit the photos or pictures and match the aesthetic you are going for, but this can be a challenge if you don’t want to take the simple route of using basic colors that match everything. While that is a great option to tie in your photos to the room, it’s not for everyone.

Rosenbaum Framing, through its sister division RFA Decor, has a great understanding of the creative decorating process. This is why we offer such a wide range of framing materials for our customers to choose from. Our framing professionals know what it takes to elevate the character of any room just by getting creative with the frames. Here are some ideas that can be used to get creative.

#1: Use Wooden Frames to Fit Your Aesthetic Vision

Wood is a versatile framing material that can really be used in any style room. Wood opens up a lot of opportunities because there are different types of wood and many different stains, colors and finishes, including distressed. The distressed look is great for coastal or farmhouse styles or the shabby-chic look.

#2: Frame Wallpaper Panels 

One of our unique framing ideas is to frame wallpaper panels or fabrics. This can help you add variety to any room without fully committing to the wallpaper for the entire space. Our custom framing services can help you frame just about anything!

#3: Frame Pictures to Create a Gallery Wall

This is one of the easiest framing ideas for photos, prints or pictures because you can customize not only the frame moulding but the sizes and arrangement of the frames. Custom framing gives you full creative freedom to make your wall look exactly how you want. The frames can be cohesive with the aesthetic of a room or in a color that will make the gallery wall the center of attention.

Picture Frame Decor Ideas

Another way to get creative is to think about what else you can frame. At our Boca Raton framing company, we frame many different things beyond just pictures:

From valuable to sentimental, we can frame it. Here are some other picture frame ideas to think about.

Handwritten Letters, Postcards, Recipes, & More

Framing handwritten items makes the project extra personal. Preserving memories by keeping handwritten items protected in frames will help them last a long time and have a special place in homes or other spaces. It is also a beautiful and extra special way to showcase the handwriting of a loved one.

Comic Books 

If you are a comic book collector or have a few that you want to show off, frame them! Our experts recommend using a mat with a reveal so that the cover art shows through a window opening, acid-free mats, and UV protective glass to protect the cover from fading. You can get creative with the matting color and the frame moulding to create the best custom picture frame to display yet still help preserve favorites from your collection.


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