Gallery Walls for Travelers

gallery wall of custom framed travel photos

It is no secret that travelers love sharing their adventures and vacations with photos. Our custom framing team in South Florida believes that one of the best ways to showcase your travel photos and memorabilia is to create a gallery wall in your home or office. Our Rosenbaum Framing consultants are sharing their tips below for creating a perfect gallery wall to showcase travel experiences and memories in a creative way. It is a great way to showcase favorite destinations and helps you relive your experiences well after your vacation is over. 

How to Display Travel Photos on a Wall 

When creating a gallery wall of your travels, it is important to ensure that it complements the existing aesthetic of your home or office. Prior to putting up your travel gallery wall, we recommend following these steps in your planning:

  • Gather all your favorite travel photos, memorabilia, and souvenirs to decide which ones you plan on showcasing on your travel gallery wall. This will also aid in deciding a theme and color scheme for your project. 
  • Plan which wall you would like to hang your photos and memorabilia on. Find a large blank wall, corner, or entryway to create a focal point and determine the measurements. 
  • Pick out the frame style that you would like to use to hang your travel photos and memorabilia and get your photos and objects framed. The number of frames that you can fit on the wall depends on the size and shape of the space as well as the frame widths and framing method (for example, whether or not you use matting). 
  • Planning is key when it comes to putting together a gallery wall for your travels. Once you have your items in frames, place each frame on the floor and organize them the way you would like them to be hung. Alternatively, you can sketch your plan on a piece of paper or use paper templates in the exact size of each item on your floor or the wall to plan your layout. Pinterest is a great way to find travel photo wall ideas to help you create the perfect layout. As part of your planning, be sure to note the type and placement of the hanging hardware on the back of each frame.
  • Be sure to plan from the center of your chosen space. As you continue your travels, you will want to add additional photos and items to keep your wall growing with new memories. You can also switch out the items on your gallery wall with new items framed in complementary styles to change up the look and feel of your space and incorporate new memories. 
  • Use the plan that you created to install the hooks, nails, screws, or other hanging hardware in the proper spots on the wall to ensure that each frame is hung in the correct location.    

Creating a Travel-Inspired Gallery Wall 

Creating a travel-inspired gallery wall takes time and patience. Finding the best layout for each space can be difficult, especially when trying to make it look pleasing to the eye. You can use different colors and shapes of frames to add variety to your travel-inspired gallery wall or frame every item in identically sized and colored frames for maximum symmetry and cohesion. 

Great places to create travel-inspired gallery walls are hallways, staircases, offices, and entryways. The more open space there is, the more flexibility you will have to create your gallery wall and allow it to grow.  

If space is limited, consider using smaller photos and collages within frames to create a “wallpaper” of images. 

What to Include in Your Travel Gallery Wall 

There are so many different ways to showcase your travels and adventures. You don’t have to limit yourself to just framing vacation photos. Here are some ideas for other items you can include in your travel gallery wall that will bring back memories and help you relive your favorite travel moments every time you pass by. 

  • Paintings or other art you have purchased on a trip
  • Pottery, baskets, or other three-dimensional art on a shelf or in a shadow box
  • Postcards, ticket stubs, or other printed souvenirs from your destinations 
  • Maps
  • Jewelry or other three-dimensional souvenirs
  • Wine corks, menus, or other items from restaurants you dined at during your travels

Custom Framing for Travelers 

At Rosenbaum Framing, we specialize in custom framing travel photos and memorabilia and are committed to the finest quality materials to help preserve your travel memories. We offer world-class workmanship and creative designs to help our clients create perfect gallery walls to showcase their travels. With more than 40 years in the framing industry, we offer fine art framing, memorabilia framing, and high volume framing, to help you display your adventures and memories in a creative way. 

Contact us today to learn more. Whether it’s one frame or a multi-item framing order, our team of experts has got you covered! 

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