How to Decorate Your Classroom With Custom Framing

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It’s that time of year again! The new school year brings the exciting task for teachers of decorating their classrooms. The classroom décor and learning environment are important for child development, the education experience, and social interaction. Our picture framing experts have a ton of classroom decoration ideas to get you ready for the new school year!

What Can You Frame in a Classroom?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can frame in a classroom! Here are a few creative ideas of items you can frame to refresh your classroom wall decorations:

  • “Meet the Class” Board: Use a custom-framed corkboard to hang pictures of students with their names, birthdays, and favorite hobbies. This is a wonderful classroom decoration idea that helps your students get to know each other.
  • Frame Class Rules & Schedule: Easily keep your class organized by framing your classroom rules and schedule. Select a colored moulding that stands out, so children can easily see it.
  • Classic Book Covers: Have a reading corner in your classroom? Decorate your empty wall space with custom-framed prints of classic book covers. With cute classroom décor like that, you’ll have all your students inspired to read.
  • Homework & Upcoming Events: Repurpose old picture frames in your classroom by framing chalkboards, dry erase boards or corkboards to highlight homework and upcoming events to help keep your students informed and organized.
  • Inspirational Quotes: Keep your students inspired with custom-framed prints of inspirational quotes. Our custom printing and framing services can deliver exceptional custom frame solutions for all your framing needs.

Classroom Decoration Tips

Make Your Classroom Feel Like Home

You and your students are in your classroom as much as they are at home. Design your classroom decorations to feel like home, and make the space inspiring and inviting by hanging custom-framed photos, inspirational quotes, or more that will make your students excited to learn.

Design a Classroom Theme

There are hundreds of classroom décor themes that you can design your classroom around. You can select one theme throughout the year, such as farmhouse décor, or use a theme inspired by holidays and seasons throughout the school year, such as Fall classroom decorations. Our picture framing professionals in Boca Raton can help you find the perfect picture frame mouldings for your classroom décor themes.

Use Color

Select colors that boost learning such as red, yellow, orange or calming colors such as  greens, and blues to help facilitate a student’s learning experience. If you want to highlight something important, choose frame colors that stand out from the wall. Our framing consultants can help you choose the right color picture frame to fit your classroom and meet your goals.

Use Wall Space to Teach and Inspire

Use wall space to instruct and inspire. Use custom frames to hang interactive teaching tools, maps or inspirational material for your students. Our frame shop has a large variety of framing materials, including colored mouldings and mats, to carry out your artistic vision and classroom décor ideas.

Meet Our Expert Picture Framers in South Florida

Are you ready to bring your classroom decoration ideas to life? Our picture framing shop in South Florida has a wide selection of framing materials and affordable custom framing services to deliver exceptional framing solutions. Come by to meet our expert picture framers. Contact us, call (561) 994-4422, or stop in for a free consultation.

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