5 Favorite Ways to Frame Wedding Day Momentos

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5 Favorite Ways to Frame Wedding Day Momentos

As wedding season is in full swing, newlywed couples are looking for creative ways to display their wedding photos and momentos in their home. Our custom wedding framers in Boca share with newlyweds their favorite ways to frame wedding day pictures and other wedding memorabilia.

Arrange Polaroids in a Picture Collage

Did you have a photo booth at your wedding, but don’t know how to feature your Polaroid pictures?   Arrange your Polaroids into a custom picture collage! Photo collages can transform your wall into a work of art! Our custom framing experts can help you coordinate your collage with materials  in a range of colors  and styles.

Create a Gallery Wall

Many newlywed couples enjoy creating a gallery wall in their home with their wedding pictures. Gallery walls are a perfect way to display wedding photos. Our wedding framing specialists have a wide selection of framing materials, including frame mouldings and mats to match wedding colors, to help create the perfect gallery wall for framing wedding pictures.

Custom Frame Mirrors 

Many couples are incorporating mirrors in their wedding day décor. Some of these festive mirrors feature a welcome sign, favorite quote, or even seating arrangements. We can create a customized  mirror frame to match the décor in your home so that you can use the mirror after your wedding.  Through our custom mirror framing services, we can help design an ideal custom wedding mirror, from our thousands of moulding options.

Ketubah Framing

Many brides and grooms don’t realize they can frame their ketubah. Our professional ketubah framing services help make the ketubah a prominent feature in their home while keeping it preserved for generations to come.

Shadow Box

If you want to incorporate wedding items in a framed display, including invitations, the program, or other wedding day keepsakes, you can create a wedding day shadow box. A shadow box is an enclosed display case with a glass front, and it is a great way to frame wedding day mementos. Our custom framing experts in Boca Raton can help you create a custom wedding day shadow box to feature beloved wedding items.

Consult our Wedding Framers in Boca for the Perfect Wedding Momento Display

A custom-framed display of your wedding day momentos is a lovely way to start a wall of memories. Our wedding framers in Boca Raton can help you bring your wedding framing ideas to life. Contact our professional framing experts or stop in for a free consultation.

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