How to Frame an Autographed Jersey: What You Need to Know

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Whether you are a serious sports fan or an avid collector of sports memorabilia such as autographed jerseys, custom framing can help preserve and protect your beloved sports memorabilia. Our design team has the custom sports framing expertise to bring your sports memorabilia framing ideas to life. Here are some tips from our custom sports framing professionals on how to frame an autographed jersey.

Get It Framed Immediately

The best framing tip to keep your prized autographed jersey preserved is to get your signed jersey framed immediately. The longer you wait to get your autographed jersey framed, the higher the chances that damage could occur. Delaying could result in spills, smudges, or sun damage. Not only will this ruin your beloved possession, but it also decreases its monetary value. Schedule a consultation with our custom frame shop in Boca as soon as possible to help you find the perfect solution for framing your autographed jersey.

Select the Right Framing Materials

It is important to invest in protecting and conserving your autographed jersey for both monetary and personal reasons. Consider using custom framing materials such as acid-free mats and UV protection glass that protect the signature and jersey colors from stains and harsh UV rays. It is important to sew versus glue the jersey to archival matting to prevent staining as well. Our custom jersey framing specialists have a wide variety of framing materials to choose from as well as the experience to properly preserve and protect autographed sports memorabilia, like autographed jerseys.

Consult with Custom Sports Memorabilia Framing Professionals

Professional framers can help you design a perfect sports memorabilia display. Our design team in Boca Raton offers a wide range of framing services and materials to create custom autographed jersey framing to coordinate with your home or office décor or complement the colors of the jersey. They can even use acid-free mats or mouldings in team colors.

Our custom sports memorabilia framing services can help preserve not only your autographed jersey but all of your sports souvenirs. Our sports memorabilia framing experts specialize in custom sports memorabilia shadow boxes and picture frames to perfectly display your sports memorabilia.  Our wide variety of custom framing and shadow box options can help you display everything from posters to photos, ticket stubs, baseball cards, autographs, scorecards, sports equipment, golf flags, race bibs, trophies, medals, and even stadium seats.

Make an Appointment with Our Custom Framers

From signed football helmets in plexiglass cases to autographed baseball bats in a shadow box, our design team can help you perfectly frame all your sports memorabilia items so you can display them proudly in your home or office. For all of your custom framing needs, including sports framing, contact our design team or call (561) 994-4422.

Stacey Moss

Author: Stacey Moss

Stacey Moss is a trained artist who has been custom framing for more than 27 years. She excels at finding the perfect moulding to complement whatever is being framed, and she treats every piece she frames as though it were a priceless piece of fine art. If it's valuable to our client, it's valuable to her.