How to Capture Holiday Memories & Preserve Them

family Christmas photo

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. They are filled with cheer, special moments, and quality time with your family. They may also include some holiday firsts, making these days extra special. No matter what wonderful memories the holidays bring, you will want to preserve them.

The Best Ways to Commemorate Holiday Firsts & Holiday Memories

Whether you want to commemorate baby’s first Christmas or find a special way to preserve the memory of your first Thanksgiving in your new house, our Boca Raton custom framing shop has some ideas on how to capture holiday memories and display them for many years to come so that you can look back on them fondly and often.

Framed Photograph

One of the best ways to capture holiday memories is with a photograph. Pick your favorite photo from that special holiday and get custom framing for it. This could be a photo of everyone around the table that you hang in your dining room to commemorate your first Thanksgiving in your new home. You could also get that first Christmas family photo and frame it to display in your living room.

Shadow Box

Depending on the holiday or event, you may have a few items that you want to keep and display. A shadow box can help protect those holiday memories. You can create a shadow box filled with preserved leaves from your Thanksgiving centerpiece, a photo from that day, and other Thanksgiving decorations. Another idea would be to create a Hanukkah shadow box from your first celebration with your new baby. You could fill it with the candles you used, family photos, and a dreidel. With so many options, our framing art consultants can help you create a perfect display that you can show off proudly in your home.


You do not need to be limited to one photo for your holiday memory keeping. Opt for a creative solution with custom matting for displaying multiple pictures together or two photos side by side. Instead of traditional wedding framing, combine a photo from your wedding day with a photo from your first New Year’s Eve as a married couple as an alternative. This could also make a great gift. You could also take a photo of your children in front of the tree every year and then eventually get a framed collage of these photos once they are a bit older. With our framing services, we can help you make a collage that looks professional and that you can display happily.


At Rosenbaum Framing, we know that memories can become lost over time, so it is important to find a way to capture special holiday memories so that they can last forever. Contact us today to learn how we can help.


Stacey Moss

Author: Stacey Moss

Stacey Moss is a trained artist who has been custom framing for more than 27 years. She excels at finding the perfect moulding to complement whatever is being framed, and she treats every piece she frames as though it were a priceless piece of fine art. If it's valuable to our client, it's valuable to her.