Sentimental 50th Birthday Gifts for Someone Special

framed family photos within a photo

Whether it is your mom, spouse, sister, or best friend, turning 50 is a big milestone and one that should be celebrated properly. Instead of adding to the jokes about being over the hill, you should make them feel loved on their special day. The best way to do this is with a sentimental 50th birthday gift that shows them just how much you care.

Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Turning 50

Choosing the right gift for someone you love can be challenging. To help, our team of expert art framers in Palm Beach County have some sentimental 50th birthday gift ideas that your loved one will cherish.


Family Photo or Portrait of Kids

For many people, as they get older family becomes even more important to them. Especially if they have children or grandchildren who live farther away, a family photo can be a special gift. Gather their children or grandchildren together and surprise them with a framed family portrait or organize a family photo shoot that includes them and frame it afterward. Our custom framing shop in Boca has hundreds of mouldings to choose from and uses only the highest quality materials to ensure that you not only find the perfect frame moulding but also preserve the photos safely for many birthdays to come.


Memory Box

Another thoughtful 50th birthday gift is a memory box. Your loved one has probably collected several special pieces of memorabilia that are near and dear to their heart over the years, but they may be sitting in storage collecting dust. Dig out these special mementos and frame them so that they can be enjoyed. There are plenty of unique shadow box ideas for this type of occasion; you just need to get creative.


Print Photos from the Cloud

Your loved one may have some old printed photos from the past, but chances are any photos from the last several years are all digital. While this is great for safekeeping, these photos can get lost in digital space. Take the time to find the best of the digital photos and get them printed for your loved one. Our sister division, RFA Decor offers digital photo printing in Boca to help with the process.


Photos by the Decade

While you are mulling through old photos, pull out the best one from each decade of your loved one’s life. You can get them framed side by side or frame them all together in a collage. This collection of photos from throughout the years is something your loved one can look at fondly each day. If you frame them all in matching frames to create a gallery wall, they can continue to add to it as the years go by.


A 50th birthday is something special and something to be celebrated, not made fun of. These sentimental 50th birthday gifts can be something that your loved one will cherish for the rest of their life.



Karen Roumay

Author: Karen Roumay

Karen is a second-generation art and framing expert who grew up in the industry. Whether you’re framing a treasured family heirloom or a valuable work of fine art, Karen can help you enhance your piece and ensure that it fits your style and decor.