How to Move Framed Art Safely

woman moving framed art

Moving is never easy. Not only do you need to tie up all of your loose ends at your old home, but you also need to make sure that everything gets packed up and safely transported to its new location in one piece. Unfortunately, moving does come with some risks, and damaged goods may be one of them.

Moving Tips for Framed Art

If you want to move framed art, especially fine art, damage or scratches from transport are unacceptable. As providers of custom picture framing in Boca Raton, we are sharing some tips on how to move framed art safely so that when you unpack it and hang it up, it looks as good as it did before.


Use the Best Materials

When you are trying to decide how to pack canvas art for moving on your own, you need to make sure that you use the best materials possible. Professional packing supplies are necessary to decrease the chances of damage. You should use picture boxes, bubble wrap, glassine, Styrofoam covers, and packing tape.


Be Mindful of Transport

Just because you wrapped your custom framed wedding photos or fine art paintings in bubble wrap and used sturdy picture boxes for packing does not mean that these pieces will automatically be safe in transport. To move framed art safely, the art needs to be placed in a good location for transport. Be mindful of where the artwork is at all times. Don’t stack other boxes on top of the artwork, make sure the picture boxes are secure, and keep the boxes away from the elements.


Store Art Safely

A regular storage unit often will not do. If you need to store your art for an extended amount of time before you move it, you should look for a storage facility that specializes in storing art. These facilities will be climate-controlled to keep temperature fluctuations from causing damage. They will also be more secure than typical storage units which are generally unstaffed.


Moving Companies Won’t Help

Especially with expensive framed fine art, a typical moving company may not want to touch your artwork. It is too much of a liability for them. Even if they do agree to move your art, it is a risk. They may not know how to pack framed art for moving correctly. While they can move furniture and appliances, fine art requires a higher level of care. Not every mover will be careful, and you could risk damage to your pieces.


Hire Art Professionals

By far the best way to move framed art is to hire an art professional to take care of it for you. Experienced art movers know how to safely pack, crate, and ship artwork so that it leaves undamaged and arrives in your new location in the same condition in which it left.


Through the Rosenbaum Art Services division, we offer professional art shipping and packing to ensure that your artwork arrives safely to your desired location in the same condition. We also provide climate-controlled storage and warehousing options in case you need us to hold on to your art for a longer duration.