How to Hang Fine Art

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After our clients use our fine art framing services in Boca Raton, they are ready to show off their artwork proudly in their home or office; but hanging fine art is more challenging than many people realize. Not only do you need to find the perfect spot to display that beautiful piece of work, you also want to make sure it is hung properly.

Tips for Hanging Fine Art

You put a lot of effort into finding the perfect piece of art and creating the best frame for it. Now you need to hang it in your home or office. To help, our Boca Raton art framers are sharing some expert tips on how to hang fine art so that it looks its best and is secure on the wall.

Find the Right Spot

Before you go through all the effort of hanging your fine art, you want to make sure that it is in the right spot. Once you hang art in one place, moving it again is a lot of work and could cause unnecessary damage to the original wall. You need to consider the room, the space on the wall, the surrounding décor, and the elements. For example, you do not want to hang works on paper in direct sunlight unless you plan to rotate them frequently to avoid fading.

Hang It at the Right Level

Most people hang their artwork too high. Instead, if you have the space, hang the fine art so the middle of the piece is 62” off of the floor, which is the average eye level. Hanging the piece at eye level makes it easier for people to examine and admire the art. Follow these extra tips for hanging artwork at eye level using hooks and wires.  If you are hanging a large piece of artwork over a mantel, headboard, or other piece of furniture, the bottom of the frame should be about 6 inches above the top of the underlying element. Use your best judgment when hanging a smaller piece of art over a larger feature.

Hanging in Groups

If you are hanging multiple pieces from a collection, you may want to treat them as one unit. Instead of hanging each piece at eye level separately, organize them in a way that you think looks best and then hang the center of this arrangement at eye level.

Use A Level

Your eyes can deceive you. When you take a few steps back, you may notice that your piece of art is not as straight as you thought. Use a level to correct this problem. A work of art that is hanging crookedly can be distracting and lessen enjoyment of the artwork itself.

Make It Secure

If the piece of art is heavy, you need to make sure that it is securely fastened to the wall. Not only is this a safety issue, but you also do not want the frame to tilt every time the door closes or the kids run down the stairs. A French cleat or Z bar hanging system, in which one cleat or bracket is mounted to the wall and a second, interlocking cleat or bracket is mounted to the back of the artwork is best for hanging heavy artwork and keeping it flush to the wall.

Hire Professionals

If you are trying to determine how to hang fine art that is expensive or heavy, you may want to call in the professionals. They will take care of everything for you so that you do not need to worry, and you can just enjoy the finished product.

Whether you are trying to hang a painting, place a sculpture, or install a mirror, we can help.We offer professional art installation services through the Rosenbaum Art Services division, so you can just enjoy your artwork instead of having to worry about how to get it up on the wall. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today.

Philip DeFrancesco

Author: Philip DeFrancesco

Philip DeFrancesco has been in the art framing business for over 40 years and has over 25 years of commercial interior design experience. His keen and experienced eye for art and design helps people find the perfect custom framing for their homes.