Why Framing Your Art is Essential

Whether you’re an aspiring painter or a professional photographer, art is something that is meant to be shared and enjoyed. One of the best ways to showcase your art is by putting it on display, and one of the best ways to present your work is by putting it in a frame. Depending on the material, size and subject matter, the right frame can make all the difference between a masterpiece or a dud. At Rosenbaum Framing, we know the importance of art framing, and we are here to help you decide on the best course for your next piece. If you live in the Fort Lauderdale area in Florida, come on down and our staff will share our expert framing tips.

Art Material

When discussing art, the material it’s on is just as important as the work itself. Are you framing a photo? An oil painting? A charcoal sketch? When it comes to art framing, the material will help you decide on a frame. Most canvas paintings are not framed, but many drawings or oil paintings are. Framing your art can help preserve the work as well as enhance its effect on the audience.


If your artwork is delicate, like a watercolor painting, then mounting it is crucial to ensuring its longevity. Art framing is just as much about preservation as it is showcasing, so delicate materials should always be mounted to a flat, rigid surface.


Negative space can have a tremendous impact on your artwork, so matting is especially important. Typically speaking, the smaller the image, the thicker the matting, and vice versa. However, if your art has a lot of negative space already, then you may think about reducing the matte size or having it in black instead of white.

Frame Material

The material and thickness of your frame will also depend on the subject matter. If it’s a classical painting, a frame with flourishes and decorations will work nicely. Art framing is all about tastefully enhancing the piece to match the mood. Modern photographs work well with a solid black frame, and drawings work with many different materials. Ultimately, it will be up to your aesthetic as to which material you choose.

Custom Options

Depending on the style of your artwork, you may want your frame to be an extension of the piece instead of just being a vessel for seeing. Custom framing options allow you to add different shapes, colors, and decorations that can help make your work pop out even further.

Stacey Moss

Author: Stacey Moss

Stacey Moss is a trained artist who has been custom framing for more than 27 years. She excels at finding the perfect moulding to complement whatever is being framed, and she treats every piece she frames as though it were a priceless piece of fine art. If it's valuable to our client, it's valuable to her.