The Best Way to Display a Sculpture

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Sculptures are works of art that go beyond the traditional two-dimensional painting or photos most people have on their walls. Because they are three-dimensional in nature, there are several elements to consider when putting sculptures on display.

How to Display a Sculpture Properly

If you just procured a new sculpture, you probably want to display it so others can admire it as well. Placing it high on a bookshelf or off in a corner on a table may not show the work to its full potential. Instead, follow these tips on the best and most creative ways to display a sculpture to proudly show off your new artwork.



Lighting can change the entire look of the piece, and the best lighting for your sculpture will depend on the artwork itself. While lighting from below can add a dynamic quality to translucent works, it can cause ugly shadows on others. Take time to light your sculpture from different angles to see what you like the best. You may also need more than one light to get the look you want.



Depending on its size, the best way to display a sculpture may be to put it at eye level. This allows everyone to admire it more easily. Looking down or up at a sculpture may change how the piece looks and may hide certain areas of the piece that are meant to be seen, but in some cases, the sculpture may be designed to be viewed from above or below


Surrounding Decor

When you decide where and how to display a sculpture, you want to keep in mind the surrounding décor. An elegant and sleek sculpture may look out of place in a room filled with more eclectic décor. One way to display a sculpture is to choose a pedestal that works with the picture frames in the room to create a more cohesive look. Custom framing can help you match all of your frames, and a white, black or brown wood pedestal can blend in with the rest of the decor while allowing the sculpture to shine.


Don’t Hide It

Sculptures can be statement pieces and conversation topics when placed in the right spot. While it doesn’t need to be put in the middle of the room where it could be in the way, you do want to have it a bit removed from the wall and not in a corner. Sculptures are three-dimensional pieces that are meant to be viewed from more than one vantage point, so make sure your piece is accessible to admirers from various angles.


Custom-Made Pedestal

Putting a sculpture on a bookshelf or a lonely side table may not do it justice. The best way to display a sculpture is the give it its own pedestal at the right width and height to show it to its best potential. At Rosenbaum Framing, we source custom-made sculpture pedestals in Boca Raton that can make sure your sculpture is displayed at the right height for ideal viewing on a base that is wide enough to support it safely and prevent it from toppling.


When you get a special piece of artwork, you should show it off. As an art framing shop in South Florida, we help art collectors, artists, and families with their every framing needs. To learn more about how we may be able to help you, call us at 561-994-4422.


Philip DeFrancesco

Author: Philip DeFrancesco

Philip DeFrancesco has been in the art framing business for over 40 years and has over 25 years of commercial interior design experience. His keen and experienced eye for art and design helps people find the perfect custom framing for their homes.