Reframing & Restoring Pictures and Frames

Framing to Create a Cohesive Look


Reframing Pictures and Frames: Giving New Life to Old Favorites

We all have our old favorites. This is as true for photographs and artwork as it is for comfortable blue jeans or well-worn shoes. However, like those comfortable blue jeans and well-worn shoes, sometimes our old favorites no longer look their best. How do we surround ourselves with the things we love, but also keep up with changing home trends? Think about the frames.

We all know what a frame is, but if you think about the other ways we use the word “frame” in conversation, you will see that we understand that how something is framed impacts how we see it. Changing the frames on your artwork or photographs works the same way; you can help control what is prominent in the artwork and also how the art interacts with other aspects of your décor through the selection of the proper frame.

One thing that often surprises people is how changing a frame can completely update a work of art. While some artwork reflects trends and techniques that were popular during a certain time, artwork really is timeless. Even art that embodies a particular era can be used in almost any decorating scheme, if it is presented properly. Frames help combine the feel of the artwork and the feel of the room, which can make a piece of art that seemed dated suddenly seem new and relevant, once more.

Reframing can also help combine photographs into a cohesive visual group. Many people have family photographs that are in their original frames. Not all frames blend well into a cohesive grouping. Reframing allow you coordinate frames, use mats to create the size displays you want, and even use color to highlight elements of the photo. In fact, the use of frame color to highlight elements of photographs is really remarkable when combined with some of the old-fashioned color techniques or sepia-tinted photos.

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