How to Transport a Mirror

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Save yourself seven years of bad luck by transporting your mirror the correct way. Mirrors can be bulky, delicate and sometimes oddly-shaped, items, which is why transporting a mirror is so challenging. Aside from being delicate, some mirrors hold sentimental, and even monetary, value. So before you transport your mirror, make sure you use the best materials and methods to complete the task. Rosenbaum Framing, the premier art framers in Boca, is here to share the best way to transport a large mirror for maximum protection.

How To Transport a Large Mirror

There are a few steps to take if you are looking for the best way to transport a large mirror.

1. Use high-quality packing supplies.

To transport a mirror, you should use high-quality packing supplies. Invest in good quality packing materials that are sure to keep your delicate mirror safe while in transit. You are going to need bubble wrap or moving blankets for added protection. Choose high-performance packing tape, corner protectors, and even a custom-sized box to secure your belongings. Invest up front to help prevent any potential damage.

2. Securely wrap the mirror.

One of the most important rules to follow if you are unsure how to transport a large mirror is to securely wrap the mirror. Add ample amounts of bubble wrap if you want your mirror to be as safe as possible. After you wrap the mirror with bubble wrap, you can add an extra level of protection with moving blankets. These padded blankets will reduce the chance of breakage or damage to your mirror.

3. Perform a safety test.

Once your mirror is securely wrapped, perform a safety test ahead of time. The last thing you need on the road is for the mirror to fall or bang against other items. Gently lift the mirror after it has been secured and shake it very gently. You are checking to see if the mirror is moving around at all. If your mirror is moving an excess amount, add more padding and place it in a custom-sized moving box.

4. Keep the mirror upright while in transit.

Another excellent tip to ensure your beautiful mirror arrives in pristine condition is to keep the mirror upright while in transit. If you lay a mirror flat on its front or back, it has a higher chance of breaking because there is too much pressure on the glass. There is an increased probability the glass will shatter if it is lying on its front or back. You also want to make sure there is nothing near the mirror that could potentially shift and fall or bang into it.

Enlist Help From the Professionals

If you are still uncomfortable or unsure of how to transport your mirror safely, our sister division, Rosenbaum Art Services, can handle your mirror shipment. Whether you are moving your mirror down the street or across the country, our team of professionals is here to alleviate your stress and assist you with your mirror shipment needs. Contact us today and enlist help from the professionals of Rosenbaum Framing and Rosenbaum Art Services.

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