How to Pack A Mirror for a Move & Avoid 7 Years of Bad Luck

packing a mirror

You have probably heard the old saying that breaking a mirror leads to seven years of bad luck. Whether or not you are superstitious, if you are moving a mirror any time soon, you want to make sure that it makes it to its new location in one piece. As providers of professional art framing services, we have tips on everything from how to pack a mirror correctly to how to move a mirror without breaking it.

How to Pack a Large Mirror for Moving


1.       Gather Supplies

If you want to move a large mirror safely, you need to have the right supplies. You will need packing paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, packing tape, moving blankets, and a mirror packing box or mirror carton. Make sure you have plenty of each before you begin as well as a mirror box or carton that is the right size.


2.       Wrap the Mirror

Before you use the mirror box, you need to carefully wrap the mirror. Use a sturdy piece of cardboard that is the same size as the mirror itself and place it on the mirror’s surface. Next you want to wrap the entire mirror in packing paper. Make sure the wrap is tight before taping the packing paper in place. To avoid damaging the mirror’s frame or surface, only tape packing paper to packing paper. After the packing paper is secure, start wrapping the mirror in bubble wrap and securing it with tape. Make sure nothing is exposed, try to distribute the weight evenly, and pay close attention to the corners.

3.       Prepare the Mirror Box

Mirror boxes typically have four interlocking pieces to keep the mirror secure. You will slide the four sections together to form two separate pieces matching your desired size box. Once you have the basic shape, you should line the corners with crumpled packing paper and bubble wrap for reinforcement since these areas are vulnerable during transit. Before you slide your padded mirror into the box, don’t forget to mark it as fragile if other people will be handling the mirror during transport.


4.       Add the Mirror to the Box

Carefully combine the two separate pieces of your mirror box together to form your box around your padded mirror. Before you close it up, fill in any empty space with more crumpled packing paper. The mirror should be securely in place so that it will not wobble or move during transit. Once the mirror is safely in place, close the box and use plenty of tape to seal it shut.


If you want to save yourself the trouble of gathering the right supplies and packing a large mirror on your own, you could also get professionals to do it for you. Especially if you have a custom framed mirror that is larger or heavier, getting a professional who knows how to pack a mirror already is the safest option. It is also the best way to ship a mirror safely so that it makes it to its new location without any damage. Through the Rosenbaum Art Services division, we offer professional art packing, including packing for mirrors of all different shapes and sizes. We can also help with anything from packing to installation to make moving your mirror carefree.

Karen Craker

Author: Karen Craker

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