Creating Memories: Unique Items to Frame


You can frame things other than photos to personalize your home décor and make it more unique. Here at Rosenbaum Framing, we’re custom framing professionals. We specialize in creating frames for almost anything that you can imagine. Following are five different ideas for framing unique, memorable items for optimal preservation.


Depending on which type of map you get, you can find maps that are filled with vibrant color and visual texture. If you choose to go about custom framing a map of a place that holds great significance in your life, you can make it a beautiful piece of artwork and a great focal point in your home.

Foreign Money

You can memorialize an international vacation by framing and displaying your paper currency from foreign countries.

Pages of a Book or Newspaper Prints

Putting silhouettes on top of words from book pages or newspaper prints makes a beautiful new piece of art that will look great on any wall. Get creative with your silhouettes!

Wine Corks

If you’re a big wine connoisseur, you can treasure your best bottles of wine forever by custom framing the corks. One of our favorite ways to display wine corks is to put them in a grid formation, going from left to right, with some corks placed vertically, then some corks placed horizontally, repeating this pattern until the entire frame is filled with corks.


Hanging your jewelry within a customized frame is a stylish and practical way to see all your pieces at once. Rosenbaum Framing suggests framing a corkboard and using fancy pins to display your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Here at Rosenbaum Framing, we specialize in framing anything you wish to become a special, important focal point in your home. With our Boca Raton framing services ranging from sports memorabilia to diplomas, wedding photos and more, you will find the perfect solution for your next framing project at Rosenbaum Framing.

Stacey Moss

Author: Stacey Moss

Stacey Moss is a trained artist who has been custom framing for more than 27 years. She excels at finding the perfect moulding to complement whatever is being framed, and she treats every piece she frames as though it were a priceless piece of fine art. If it's valuable to our client, it's valuable to her.