Tell Your College Story with a Framed Collage

If pictures are worth a thousand words, think of all the things that could be conveyed through a framed collage. Whether you’re telling a story all about a sequence of events or different photos of you all throughout college, you can share the story of your college years through a framed collage. The art framers at Rosenbaum Framing share how you can tell amazing stories with collages.

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Creating Memories: Unique Items to Frame

You can frame things other than photos to personalize your home décor and make it more unique. Here at Rosenbaum Framing, we’re custom framing professionals. We specialize in creating frames for almost anything that you can imagine. Following are five different ideas for framing unique, memorable items for optimal preservation.

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Cruise Ship Framing Services in Boca Raton



Décor on the High Seas. Cruise Ship Framing Services

Art and interior design has evolved into playing a major role in the cruise ship industry. Guests enjoy the artistic appeal and personal touch that art brings to a room. As design and appeal become important assets of perfecting the display of a ship’s artwork, proper framing becomes a necessity, and this task should be left to the professionals.

Art on cruise ships has particular framing requirements that set it apart from other types of art. The frames need to be able to protect the art, some of which is one-of-a-kind custom work, from high-humidity conditions, sunlight, and various wear-and-tear that is unique to a cruise ship environment. They also must be made to anchor securely into the walls. While all hotel-style wall art should be made to firmly anchor into surfaces to protect guest safety and dissuade theft, this requirement becomes much more important on a cruise ship, where guests can be seriously endangered if items fall off the walls during turbulent weather. Rosenbaum Framing offers cruise ship framing services that allow us to provide a stylish and protective frame for beloved works of art.

It is important that cruise ships maintain a feeling or theme throughout the vessel, one that incorporates elegance and follows the company’s unique style. Obviously, not every room has the same art; that would quickly grow boring. However, the collected art from a cruise ship will exhibit similar elements, themes, and colors. The frames used for these pieces can help unify seemingly disparate works, making the whole ship flow together seamlessly.

At Rosenbaum Framing, we have framed art for several cruise ships. With our custom cruise ship framing services in Boca Raton, we have a wide variety of frame styles to choose from to highlight various aspects of the artwork. We can help guide you to frames that work well together and with specific types of art to create a cohesive look and feel for a larger collection. We not only create custom fit frames that can be mounted securely in ships, but can also install the artwork on the ships, so that you know it is done well and handled securely. While these services are geared towards cruise ship lines, we firmly believe that no job is too big or too small and can handle art installations on pleasure boats and yachts as well.

With cruise ship framing services from Rosenbaum Framing, you can ensure the art displays within your cruise ship lend class, style, and elegance to the interior design of your cruise ship.

Call or come in for a free consultation

As South Florida’s largest picture framing business, Rosenbaum Framing has the on-site capability to handle high volume custom framing, but we never skimp on quality. Our team will work with you to design custom frames for every piece of art you wish to display. We provide invaluable recommendations that best complement your work. Call our framing experts today or stop in our Boca Raton framing center for a complementary framing design consultation. When you work one on one with our team, you’ll feel comfortable knowing your valued art is well cared for, and you’ll have a predetermined price and completion date.

The Importance of Custom Framing

When you’re framing a picture or your favorite memorabilia, you are framing a story. You are telling a story about that object, and also about who you are. The frame sets the tone for the object or image, capturing nuances of light or texture, subtleties that might otherwise go unnoticed if you disregard the importance of custom framing or choose the wrong frame for the item. If you care enough about a piece of artwork or item to get display it on your wall, frame it right with custom framing. In the Delray Beach area, you have a few options for custom framing services including established companies like Rosenbaum Framing. When you use a custom framing service like Rosenbaum Framing, you are trusting your item or image to the best in the business. Continue reading “The Importance of Custom Framing”

The Benefits of Custom Framing Near Delray Beach, FL

From artwork and photos to degrees, certificates and diplomas, a variety of memorable pieces are worthy of framing for display as well as preservation. A quality frame showcases your item and helps it stand out while protecting it for posterity, so you should never settle for a generic frame or framing done by anyone other than a framing professional. Custom framing near Delray Beach, FL, has its benefits and is definitely worth considering for your cherished piece. Proper frame selection and quality framing are what take an already attractive piece to a whole new level, incorporating it with your décor and giving it the attention and care it deserves.

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Tips To Find The Best Art Framing Near Fort Lauderdale, FL

If ready-made picture frames found in regular stores aren’t the right size for your artwork or don’t fit your aesthetic, custom framing from a specialized company is a much better option. Use these tips to find the best local framing company to handle your needs:

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Top Reasons to Keep Your Pictures Framed

Imagine this: you and your friends sitting down to a weekend meal. There’s pizza on the table, conversations flowing and right on your walls, a ton of pictures that make your place cozy and intimate. There’s just something about a mini-apartment crowded by framed photos that just can’t be beat. So if you have a ton of great shots you’d love to put up and mount in your space, here’s why you should have pictures framed:

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Framing Original Works of Art

Ensuring that Your Frame Enhances the Piece
By Rosenbaum Framing

 If you have ever had the opportunity to stroll through an art museum, you have probably noticed that the frames coordinate with the type of artwork they surround.  The frames, while not part of the original work, become an integral part of the display. Most of the time, especially with period artwork, the goal is to match the frame type to the type of artwork.  That is why museums frequently feature gilt frames around Renaissance-era portraits, while modern works may have frames with cleaner lines.  However, choosing a contrasting frame can also be a stylistic choice that enhances your art collection.  The beauty of having custom-framed works of art is that you get to choose how to display those works of art.

While your choice of frame can reflect your personal style and later be changed if you change your decor, it is important to recognize that your choice of framing company can have a lasting impact on your work of art. Artwork requires preservation, but the type of preservation desired depends on the medium used, the type of paper or canvas employed, the age of the artwork, and several other factors, such as the artwork’s value. The experienced framers at Rosenbaum Framing have been framing original artwork since 1979. Our clients include private collectors, artists, gallery owners and interior designers as well as museums, so we offer conservation-quality framing for preservation of original artwork with a range of materials such as acid-free archival matting and UV-protection glass and can also recommend the best materials for your project. In addition, your original artwork is stored in our secured, climate-controlled facility before and after being framed.

Uncertain about how you want a project to look?  It is not unusual for a client to be uncertain about what style of frame, color, and material will look best with a piece of art.  Many custom framers will look at the artwork, in isolation, and suggest a framing style that suits the piece of art.  However, we are happy to go the step beyond and help you find a frame that suits your personal style as well.  We are happy to look at photos of your display space and help you create a display that blends your personal style with the artwork.


Honoring the Fallen

Preserving Military Flags and Medals
By Rosenbaum Framing

One of the most powerful moments at any military funeral is the presentation of the American flag to the family members or loved ones of the deceased service member.  Most military members are familiar with this custom, which is part of the military funeral honors.  At a military funeral, a United States flag is draped over the veteran’s casket to recognize and honor their military service.  After Taps is played, military members then fold the flag into a symbolic tri-cornered shape.  The folding itself is important.  The flag will fold 13 times on the triangles, which symbolizes the original 13 colonies.  In addition, the resulting triangle shape brings to mind the tri-cornered hat worn by the original American Revolutionaries.  Once folded, the only thing visible on the flag will be a blue field with stars on it.  The flag is then presented to a family member or loved one.

If you have received a military flag after the death of a loved one, our framing shop in Boca can help you preserve that flag.   At Rosenbaum Framing, we understand that flag framing differs from the normal framing or shadow-boxing project.  While appearance is important, because you will probably want to display the flag, it is also very important to show the flag the reverence and respect that your loved one earned through their service.  We take that obligation very seriously, and treat every military flag with the respect it deserves.

We also know that there are almost as many ways to showcase a military flag as there are varieties of people in the military.  Some people prefer a traditional approach, which is a wood frame around only the flag, which may or may not include a commemorative plaque in the design.  Others prefer a shadowbox that contains the flag, but may also contain medals, photographs, or certificates.  What many people do not realize is that our custom framing professionals are also design specialists.  Bring in your flag along with the materials you want to feature with it; we can create a design to capture the feeling you want to commemorate your loved one.




A Family Tree

A Special Picture Project


of Rosenbaum Framing

As a custom framing business, we get many requests from customers who want to personalize their framed materials and make them part of the artwork and decoration in their homes.  One popular idea is to use framed photographs in a family tree.  Generally large, eye-catching collections, these family trees can be done in styles that fit any décor: the most basic is a traditional genealogical family tree approach; others choose a classical looking tree with neutral colored frames and may even choose to use black and white images in all of the pictures; another approach is to use a more neutral background and then use brightly colored frames, which are reminiscent of flowers; some trees incorporate religious sayings or verses; others take a modern approach to the family tree design; and finally some family trees are pure whimsy.

If you want to incorporate this popular design into your home décor, we have some easy tips to ensure your project goes smoothly.

  1. Carefully consider your decorating style. While model homes and professionally decorated homes often stick to a single theme or decorating style, most homes contain a personalized variety of different styles.  The family tree projects are very large and will dominate the decorating in the room where they are featured.  Therefore, you want to choose a style that matches your personality and your decorating style.
  2. Pick the images you want to use in the photos. Consider whether you will use color photographs or black and white images; this may help you pick the frame style you want to use. Furthermore, if you are using older photographs you may be limited to a particular size frame or need to consider matting options.
  3. Measure the size of your wall and then draw a scale model of both the tree and the frame size you intend to use in the project. Even a large space can easily be overwhelmed by frames that are too large.  On the other hand, if you choose photos that are too small, it can be difficult to see the images in the portraits.
  4. Bring your photos to us for framing while you complete the rest of the project at home.
  5. Prep your background surface; if your wall has any marks or scratches that will not be covered by the tree, take the time to paint the entire surface.
  6. Sketch your tree in pencil before painting it. Make any adjustments to your sketch, so you will be happy with your final product.
  7. Paint your tree. You can use a variety of paints, from craft paint to wall paint.
  8. Hang your photos in the designated spots.