Scarf Framing

Refresh the Look of Your Home with a Custom Scarf Framing

Who doesn’t love a beautiful scarf pattern? Scarves are quickly becoming popular as wall decorations. Here at Rosenbaum Framing, we have mastered the art of framing all kinds of custom items, scarves included, and especially Hermes! We can help you get your favorite scarf out of the closet or drawer and onto the wall.

Framed Scarf - Custom Scarf Framing

High-Quality Framing Without the Hassle

Many people try to frame scarves on their own. While it is possible, scarves don’t often come in standard frame sizes that you can pick up at a store. Scarf framing requires sewing, matting, professional pressing and framing know-how to get the job done right. Many times, the scarf shifts while you are trying to frame it and becomes wrinkled or frayed by the end of the process.

Our Rosenbaum custom framing team understands the importance of preserving the quality and color of your scarf. We have an extensive variety of mouldings, mat and glass options to customize your project, maintain the integrity of the scarf, protect it from the elements and achieve your vision. Scarf framing is an easy way to add color and pattern a plain wall or display a treasured family heirloom.

Proper Scarf Framing Technique

We know how to frame a scarf correctly. We recommend having your scarf professionally pressed before you bring it in for framing. To prevent the scarf from folding or moving once it is in the frame, we inconspicuously hand-sew the scarf’s edges to a matboard with nearly invisible thread. We also ensure that your scarf never touches the glass.

Our custom framing team can help you select the best mouldings, mats and glass for your scarf in terms of design, color, style and where it will hang. With our eye for design, we bring an added level of appeal and style to your home. We have a wide range of moulding options to help create the perfect frame for your scarf. More than 2,000 moulding choices and hundreds of mat options offer endless possibilities for your scarf framing project, and our expert framers are on hand to offer suggestions and advice for a perfect end result.

An Excellent Gift

A custom framed scarf can make the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Whether it is for a holiday, wedding, birthday, or just because, framing a beautiful scarf is a great way to show someone how much they mean to you. Our design consultants will help you create the perfect frame customized to your friend or family member’s style and taste.

Whether you need scarf framing for yourself or for a gift, we can help make sure it’s done right. Call us today or stop in our Boca Raton framing center for a free consultation. We will walk you through each step of your framing project and provide design recommendations to ensure your project is completed to perfection.