Musical Instrument Framing

custom-framed guitar on black background

Find the perfect frame for your instrument!

If you have a musical instrument that you don’t know what to do with, consider framing it. Musical instrument framing can include a variety of instruments like guitars, violins, woodwinds, trumpets and other brass that can serve as exquisite wall art in your home. Did you play the instrument? Was the instrument formerly used by your favorite famous musician? Regardless of why the instrument is valuable to you, our Rosenbaum Framing team can make it a piece of art to be cherished forever.

You can count on our custom framing experts to handle framing your musical instrument whether you are an artist or a fan. We’ve been framing musical instruments for decades and have plenty of creative ideas on how to showcase your cherished souvenirs. We don’t just frame them, we frame them correctly, using the best materials and techniques to preserve your valuable instruments.

Framing and shadow boxes for musical instruments including:

• Guitars • Oboe
• Violins • Ukulele
• Violas • Harmonica
• Drumsticks • Xylophone
• Trumpet • Keyboard
• Saxophone • Banjo
• Trombone • French Horn
• Flute • Triangle
• Bassoon • Tambourine
• Clarinet • and even Guitar Picks!


We understand the importance of preserving the quality of your musical instrument. We have an extensive variety of moulding, mat and glass options to customize your project, maintain the integrity of the instrument and achieve your vision for the project. A framed musical instrument can be the perfect unique touch that you need to transform your home or business décor.

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Intelligent and Skilled Musical Instrument Framing

When it comes to framing a musical instrument, it’s important to consider where in your home or business it is going. A musical instrument can require a large three-dimensional frame that takes up a lot of space. Avoid putting it too close to doorways or seats so that you don’t accidentally run into it or bump it with anything.

Be sure that you will never want to play the instrument again before you frame it. Once it goes through the custom framing process, the instrument will not be available for you to take out every day and use. If you are having doubts, consider a smaller framing project. Instead of a guitar, frame a few of your favorite guitar picks. Frame drumsticks instead of a creating a shadowbox for your drums. Or frame your favorite sheet music. These are still great ways to capture your musical memories.

When we start musical instrument framing, we consider all aspects of the project for a harmonious end result. We carefully consider the matting and moulding to ensure they work with the instrument and the look and feel of the room where it will be hung. We can even add significance to the piece with a plaque that documents the instrument, band, artist or date.

Our custom framing team is here to help advise on design, color, style and more. With our eye for design, we can help you bring an added level of appeal to your decor. We have a wide range of molding and matting options to help you create the perfect frame. With our endless possibilities and experienced framers available to offer advice and suggestions, you can trust that your end result will be a hit.

Whether you are looking for musical instrument framing for yourself or for someone you love, we will make sure it’s done right. Call us today or stop in our Boca Raton framing center for a free consultation. We will walk you through each step of your framing project to ensure you are satisfied with the result.