Framing Movie Posters

Collecting movie posters is popular among a wide variety of people who appreciate memorabilia and graphic art. Having your collectible movie posters framed correctly is crucial to their preservation. If you’ve spent a great amount of money on a movie poster, you should enlist the services of professionals who specialize in custom framing. Rosenbaum Framing specializes in custom art framing in South Florida and can frame virtually anything.

When it comes to framing movie posters, the most important elements are what’s in front of the poster and what’s behind the poster.

Standard glass is not recommended for collectible move posters. Non-conservation glass can lead to fading and decaying of the poster paper. A high-quality glass with UV filtering can protect the poster inside from damaging sunlight.

Glass can also trap moisture inside the frame, causing the ink from your poster to stick to the glass. Professional framers use a spacer (a special insert) to separate the glass from the artwork to prevent this from happening.

It is also important to put an acid-free product behind your poster. Poster paper will absorb the acid from cardboard, and you will be left with yellowing and brittle poster paper. Backing your poster with an acid-free mat board can prevent this issue.

Your choice of frame moulding is part of the overall aesthetic of your poster, so it’s important to choose a moulding that complements the artwork and works with the room and objects near which it will hang.

There are plenty of considerations to make when framing movie posters, but if you pick a good custom framer, they will take all the necessary steps to preserve your prized collectible, while offering a wide range of glass, frame moulding and mat options to create the perfect frame for the art.

When framing valuable movie posters, it’s best to enlist the skills of professionals like Rosenbaum Framing. Whether your project is small or large, our custom art framing professionals can help you find the perfect framing solution that will last a lifetime.