Custom Framing Services for Residents and Businesses in Miami FL

If you want your fine art acquisitions, personal photographs, sporting medals, professional certificates or other important or valuable items beautifully displayed in stunning frames, we can help. We are professional picture framers who can undertake a variety of different commissions to museum standard. Our capacity extends to high volume framing as well as individual jobs – if you have a gallery, office suite or hotel which requires top-quality frames for a number of different pictures, we can meet your needs.

Every Project is Completed to a High Standard

Our experienced framers are dedicated to providing every customer with an exceptional frame that showcases their picture or other item wonderfully well. We have a wealth of different framing materials at our disposal (more than 2000 moldings as well as numerous mats, glass and other items). This enables us to offer custom framing that can be tailored to your exact requirements. If you need any help, our team is always happy to make recommendations.

Members of the Professional Picture Framers Association

Our framing services are ideal for museums, galleries and similar enterprises, as well as private individuals. With an emphasis on quality, we also make sure our frames are built to last, protecting your precious picture in the unfortunate event of a fall or slip during installation or routine cleaning. In addition to pictures and prints, we can also successfully design frames for wall hangings, samplers, mirrors and a wealth of other objects.

Friendly, Professional Framing Services Near Miami, FL

We are a family-run business that’s been providing exemplary framing services for around forty years. Our goal is to offer every customer a tailored solution to their framing requirements, ensuring their pictures or other valuables are beautifully displayed. To find out more about our services or to tell us about your framing needs, call us at (561) 994-4422.

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